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August 12, 2017 18:05

Christmas decoration of the house in 2016

original decoration of the house allows you to create a real holiday atmosphere and get ready for New Year's Eve.To decorate the rooms and the building itself, you can use a variety of elements: lighting, tinsel figures.


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Festive decoration of the house for the New Year 2016 is necessary to create,using as a basis the yellow, orange and red year Mistress - fire monkey need to meet in a suitable design of the home.


Well look at all the size of the premises, in the form of suspended arches "rains".And since the close 2016 - year of the monkey, you need to find products with a large fluffy ribbons.Excellent complement the raised corners of the arches bright yellow balls and elongated suspension.Such styling and fit for the fire: it can be supplemented and small decorations in the form of a light-green leaves.

Particular attention should be paid to the decoration of the windows and doorways.For normal arched or boxes can be made jewelry on the perimeter.This will require a twist in a spiral garland of light yellow or orange, and bright light green tinsel.Very good with garlands will look smooth and gradual fading of lights lighting up.At the same time carry out a design house for the New Year with their own hands will not be difficult.Yes, and buying decorations require minor costs.

Decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year

When buying a tree you should pay attention to the tall trees.They perfectly fit the interior of any room and can be really unusual decorated for the upcoming holiday.The most attractive idea with a combination of fiery colors: a combination of golden yellow and orange.Against the background of fluffy green spruce this combination will look attractive and unusual.Ideal complement created decorations and a garland of bright red lights and different-sized yellow balls.

Christmas decorations outside the house

The unusual design of the facade must necessarily include the waterfalls of the LED lights.It is recommended to purchase fixtures yellow and red: their combination will provide structure and make it really festive look.But to understand how to decorate a house on New Year's Eve 2016 with the help of LEDs, you need to learn the rules of suspension and connect lights.With their purchase and subsequent use for decorations must take into account such requirements and recommendations:

  1. Outdoor LED waterfalls only have a rubber coating cable (PVC coating is not capable of protecting the cable from moisture or frost).
  2. tape length with LED flowing stripes should be chosen according to the place of its location: for windows have enough length of 2-3 m and 5-7 meter should buy items for decorating canopy over the porch.
  3. Christmas decoration of the house and can be supplemented with figures of LED and LED ribbons hanging on the trees around the building.
  4. By combining several colors of the LED strings (for example, for the decoration of the roof) is recommended to have their turn.But keep in mind that different shades of the curtains should be the same length.

Carefully selecting decorations for the house, you can move away from the usual options and create a truly original decoration.Help in this and the accompanying photo: stylish solutions to modern toys and tinsel.Interesting combinations can help to supplement and small figures of monkeys, hidden on a window sill, between Christmas branches or sitting on the mantelpiece.Using these guidelines and tips, you can achieve sophisticated design houses in bright colors.And then comes the year of the monkey is sure to bring the household of joy, happiness and success.

Photo New Year decoration at home