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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to decorate the cottage for New Year 2016

If planned to celebrate New Year in the country, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate decoration.Then the celebration will be fanned not only romantic closeness to nature, tranquility and relaxation, but also filled with warmth and joy of Christmas days.Below is some advice on how to decorate a country house for the New Year 2016.


  1. Christmas decoration suburban area
  2. Christmas decoration holiday home
  3. garden decoration Photo New Year 2016

Christmas decoration suburban area

start Christmas decoration should be a garden plot.There will always be spectacular trees that with proper approach turn into fabulous images.If you live in the yard tree grows, it will certainly have to dress up.But even if there is no Christmas trees, every tree or bush, decorated with garlands and create an atmosphere of magic.If there is an opportunity to buy a special LED figures suburban area is an ideal place for the New Year 2016. When the LED figures purchase does not work, you

can build a fairy-tale characters with their hands out of the snow, and then the paint to fill them with life.

glowing figures of bears and deer is quite possible to do it yourself.This requires a wire, light bulbs, familiarity with the wire connection rules, time and a little patience.It is necessary to take care of the presence of festive lighting.This can be a garland strung around the perimeter of the house, or the original lanterns.In addition to standard garlands can be made light garden decoration for the New Year from neon LED strings.

Next underway decorating the front door and windows.Most often, there are placed wreaths, Christmas garlands, pine, composition.This tradition has come from Western countries.They believe that a wreath on the door to protect the inhabitants from the action of the dark forces, to bring into the house of wealth, health.In accordance with local tradition windows decorated with snowflakes.

can arrange on the terrace beautiful ice figures.To do this, take silicone bakeware, pour it with water, put into the rowan berries or other small bright little things, frozen water.These figures look great on any surface.If put into molds lace, this figure can be hung.

Christmas decoration holiday home

interior Christmas decoration garden can not be imagined without the candle.Therefore it is necessary to think of ways in which colors will be decorated space, and buy candles corresponding color.We must remember that for interior decoration in 2016. The designers suggest to choose shades of lilac, lilac.If the room has a fireplace, it is necessary to make sure that it radiated light and filled the room, "the scent of comfort."

As the trend unique decor, we must think about how to beautifully decorate the cottage for New Year's with their hands.In this case, your registration will be truly unique.Ability to work as a family to create original compositions - is not only a chance to decorate your home, but unforgettable time together.In the photo you can take the idea to create jewelry.

necessary to consider serving a festive table.It should emphasize the festive atmosphere and the venue of the festival.Therefore it will look good decorative items made from natural materials.Fortunately fit elegantly decorated cones, twigs and pine trees.

Since the coming year in the Chinese horoscope is the year of the monkey, it can be incorporated into the design and this topic.In China, the New Year begins much later than us.But the fashion for realization of the theme of the Chinese horoscope in the celebration of the meeting of the coming year is spread quite widely.Therefore it is possible to put on the shelves of figurines of monkeys, and on the table - a candle shape.

directly, you can add the main symbol of the winter before the onset of the holiday - snow.Artificial snow festival will complete the picture.

Careful design of cottages and adjacent area will enable a lasting impression for the whole year.

garden decoration Photo New Year 2016