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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to decorate a house on New Year's Eve 2016

As we approach December 31 issue of how to decorate the house for the New Year 2016 is becoming increasingly important.After all, any landlord wants his house, at least for a time, turned into a fabulous place, which will be interesting to both adult and child.


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home decorating ideas for the New Year 2016

Naturally, the main Christmas decorations in the housea tree, as in the photo.But if it will be around a normal interior, it is unlikely to approach the New Year holiday will be felt in earnest.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to think about decorating the house for the New Year.

own home can be decorated both inside and out.If we talk about the outside of the house, in most cases it is used only a facade.Choosing decorations for the streets to be considered the weather factor.Therefore, for example, paper (cardboard) toys is unlikely to fit here.An excellent option would be bright i

llumination of the LED strings.This classic Christmas decoration always looks nice and maintains an atmosphere of festive mood.

To install garlands do not need any special tools or knowledge.They can be attached under the eaves of the roof on the entire length of the house facade.Also very nice would look like windows, bordered by bright lights.If the front of the house undeveloped terrace, it is possible to place what some fantastic characters.Do not forget that the upcoming 2016 - the year of the monkey.So cute monkey statue at the entrance to the house will be just right.

Now you can go to the interior decoration of homes.The main bathroom, which must be placed the majority of jewelry is a room with a Christmas tree.We must remember that in 2016 - the year of the fire and the red monkey.Therefore, the bright red color should dominate.It is best to determine the 2-3 colors that are the basis of all festive compositions.In the tree you can hang large balls and add some artificial snow with lights.Zealous with the decoration of Christmas trees is not necessary, because it has to radiate its own, underlined tinsel, beauty, and not clutter up a bunch of balloons and garlands.The ideas here may be different, the main thing to know the measure.

If you have sewing skills, you can beautifully decorate the house for the New Year with their own hands, creating with the help of cloth and wool various toys.They can be hung on a Christmas tree, and place on the window.Window, incidentally, is no less important element of the room, which need to decorate.In this case, should not be limited room with a Christmas tree.Decorate the can all the windows of the cottage.Variations decorating a huge amount.On windows you can draw various fairy-tale characters (Snow Maiden, Santa Claus or tighter monkey, etc.).Also nice would look cut paper snowflakes.On the windowsill is recommended to place a few high candlesticks.In combination with the external illumination on the window and lit candles on the windowsill, decoration will look very realistic.

Available in the house mirrors, are also a great element of Christmas decorations.They, like the windows, you can either stick to draw a nice holiday picture.The main condition for a beautiful pattern on the glass or mirror - Compliance proportions.That is, it should not be too overwhelming.An excellent option is to place the image at the corners.

should not forget about the holiday packages with gifts.Carelessly scattered under the tree or beautifully laid out on the couch, they will be a good home decoration for the New Year.

strict rules in decorating the house does not exist.The main thing - it is your imagination and desire to create a holiday for themselves and their families.

Photo Christmas house decoration