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August 12, 2017 18:05

Repair of the cap

plinth of the building is exposed to the aggressive action of many factors.It is more other areas in need of repair.Tighten it is impossible.After the destruction of the cap reduces the durability of the entire structure.


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to damage the plaster did not lead to mold the widening and allowed moisture to destroy the wall, you need to correct the situation and to conduct the repair of the capbuilding.As a rule, it is the restoration of joints, new plastering of hotel sites.Sometimes the repair of plinth brick house you have to change some bricks.Step by step instructions

first release the lower part of the wall of the contact with the ground.To do this, use a shovel.

then removed all the fragments of plaster that hold bad, we must try not to let the void, they can detect tapping.All loose plaster beat off with a hammer or chisel.

Then clean the surface from dirt and dust.To thoroughly remove all traces of plaster, using a wire br

ush.How to do this work, you can look at a photo or video.

All surfaces to be protect from plaster, for example, window frames, it is necessary to paste over with masking tape.It will protect important parts from contamination.

discovered defects in the masonry cladding to repair the plinth of brick moistened.This is to ensure better contact with the surface of the plaster mixture.

To fill existing voids should pick up the bricks of the appropriate size.You can cut aerocrete block fragments of the desired size.

next stage of repair of the cap with your hands is to fill the void prepared bricks and securing them with the masonry mortar.

it should be thoroughly wet the surface before plastering.To do this, you can take a bucket and a brush, but it is easier and faster to moisten the wall of water from a hose.

Then, a solution (waterproofing slurry) for waterproofing.The mixture is diluted with clean water.

solution is applied to the restored area in 2 sets.First, a thin layer of 1 - 2 mm when the first layer starts to set, is applied a second layer of 3 mm.In this case, you can use a brush or a wide spatula.

deposited layers should stand for days.Continue to work can be the next day.

then prepared a solution for plaster.

again perform 2-layer application.First layer 10 is applied mm.The plaster is ground with a force on the surface by moving the spatula in a semicircle.

to the wall as a result were smooth, it is advisable to use the plaster strips, the installation of which level you want to apply.These strips have several varieties.In this case they are made of wood.

next layer of plaster is applied to a thickness of 15 - 20 mm.

Then remove the excess plaster layer flat bar and leave the surface to dry for 48 - 72 hours.

plaster gently applied over the entire surface, it is desirable to fill the entire surface down to the basement.Then we can talk about the complete and qualitative repair of the plaster cap.

point of the base to remove excess solution will not only plaster strips, but also an intact layer of the lining, as in the photo.

When the surface is dry, it is flattened by plastering trowel.

to beautifully arrange the angle used plaster strips.By attaching the strap to the corresponding corner, you can align the end of the wall.Then the strip is removed.

Then you can use the special angled spatula.It will give the final corner of the right shape.

Practical advice!To make the structure a uniform transition from the old to the new plaster, foam can handle the joints.

last stage of repair of the cap of a private house is treated surfaces in contact with the ground.You can use waterproofing slurry or mastic asphalt.

Repair cap with his hands to perform simple.As a result, you can breathe new life into the old building.

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