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August 12, 2017 18:05

The staircase in the garden with his own hands

Often, a piece of land, located in the country or in the immediate vicinity of the apartment house, has a complex topography.It is enough to make some effort with the minimum of material costs to a spectacular staircase was undeveloped as a result of the garden - not only functional, but also able to decorate any local area.


  1. steps for creating stairs in the garden with his own hands
  2. Photos stairs in the garden

steps for creating stairs in the garden with his own hands

1. The original should be marked on the plota place in the future garden stairs, which can be used wooden stakes of up to 0.5 m and twine.Breaking spot for the construction of the stairs, you need to use a tape measure and set square to observe the correct size.

2. Equipping the ladder in the garden on a slope, using a tape measure and level, it is necessary to determine the excess height of the top of the stairs on the bottom.This is required for the proper calculation of height and length of future s


3. Use the shovel should be carefully remove the top layer of soil and purifying it from the grass carpet.

4. Steps in the garden with his own hands to make simple.In the ground to dig depressions under the stairs, which would require to calculate the width and height of the steps.For this purpose, you can use the table of relations between the stage height and width of the tread.On average, the step height should be 15-17 cm, and width -. 30-35 cm

5. Doing the steps in the garden, be sure to check horizontal trenches dug by a level.

6. From the crushed stone, sand and cement concrete mix should be prepared for laying foundation under the stage, after which it must be placed with a trowel to the alignment surface and leave for 24 hours to pour.

7. It is necessary to lay out the steps made of bricks or concrete blocks, erasing seams and checking the level of vertical and horizontal laying.Should be used for laying mortar or ready building masonry cement-based mixture.

8. The rest of the trench to the level of the masonry should be filled with fine gravel stratified manual compaction rammer.

9. Rubble must be laid with a slight rise from the surface of the masonry.It is advisable to check with the help of the level.

10. As for the arrangement of tread plates are heavy, they alone installation difficult.This step must be performed together.Together with an assistant should make laying tiles on the bed of a solution.

11. The edges of each board should act with respect to bricks of 40 mm.Sama plate must have a slope to the bottom side of about 10 mm for water drainage.

12. When placing the next row of tread is required to control the height of the steps adopted by means of a tape measure and level.All seams must be carefully filled with mortar.

13. Using a level, make sure that the edges of all the treads are on the same line.

Armed with the above suggestions on how to do the steps in the garden, as well as get acquainted with all the relevant phases of the photo works presented on our website, you can equip in their houses adjoining area beautiful and functional staircase.This ladder will not only provide comfortable movement of the slope area, but also appreciate their reliability and durability.Well, the neighbors will want to build on the site at something like that, so there will always be an opportunity to give them sensible advice.

Photos stairs in the garden