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August 12, 2017 18:05

Treehouse own hands

approaching time to the summer holidays, and there is quite a logical question - what to do with their children.Knowing the thrust of most of them to a variety of games on the street, no harm will explore how to build a tree house.The project is the most suitable option can be found on our website, watch a video, or to proceed to the step by step construction, as described below.


  1. tree Selecting
  2. scheme
  3. Preparation of materials and tools
  4. Installing basic pillars
  5. Installation crossbeams and diagonal supports
  6. Make rope mechanism
  7. Install floor
  8. Install handrails and walls
  9. Installing roof and stairs
  10. Video building the tree house with his own hands

In order to build a tree house with his own hands, take two or three small tree (or individual, but large branches) - sohouse will be stable.We can not say that the structure will reliably protect from any weather, but even if the building will remain dry rain.

tree Selecting

Building a house on a tree for the chil

dren should be made taking into account all safety standards.Ideal - when the tree has a strong trunk and bottom triple branching upwards (as shown in photo).

Start by determining the height at which the house will be located.Optimal height - about two meters from the ground.


The following sketch drawing, which will be built according to our object.

Children's tree house to build yourself is not so difficult, the main thing to take into account all initially, it was not necessary to alter once again.

Preparation of materials and tools

Next should begin to prepare the necessary materials, depending on the amount of future building.It may be old and new boards, galvanized screws and washers, nails, screws, camouflage tarpaulins, etc.

From the Tools needed: hammer, saw, level, tape measure, wrench, drill, jig saw.You also need to find a stepladder or ladder usual.

Installing basic pillars

Take one of the planks and attach it to a tree 30 cm lower than expected floor house (it is desirable that it was at least 20-30 cm above the level of the head).

Align the board exactly horizontally using a spirit level and attach it the second end to another tree.The same should be done with the second board, which must be attached to the back of the tree.

Installation crossbeams and diagonal supports

Pick the appropriate size crossbeams and attach them to the main supports.

This should be done evenly, at the same distance from each other, with tree trunks should be placed between the beams.

In order to give the lodge a great stability and security, the basis can be strengthened with additional diagonal support.

Make rope mechanism

This can be useful for children's games (with the help of a roller and rope can be pulled up to the house and drop down basketfood, etc.), and to deliver the necessary tools in the construction upstairs.At the bottom of the rope can be attached to a normal carabiner for climbing.

Install floor

When working with the installation of the floor is the most difficult to make the correct hole barrels.

Before you make a tree house, consider the factor of further growth of trees and branches move.

Install handrails and walls

Once the floor is ready, engage in the installation of handrails and filling walls.

Everything should be made sufficiently strong to ensure that children can not slip into any openings.

Use of this, anything - board, plywood, etc.

Best of all, if the walls of the house are solid, made of boards, knocked together with a small gap.

Installing roof and stairs

roof, you can choose on your own, this project used a camouflage tarp, which neatly fastened to the joists.

final touch - setting the stairs.

It can be of any design, but certainly durable, comfortable and safe.

Video building the tree house with his own hands