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August 12, 2017 18:05

Installation of curbs in the country

correct installation of curb attaches great importance, both in large-scale road construction, as well as during the creation of landscape design.Border will perform two functions - aesthetic and practical.He will be able to decorate the landscape, to differentiate the road from the pavement, and securely save the web from the destruction of paving slabs.


  1. What is a border?
  2. Tools and materials
  3. Mount Technology
  4. Videos laying curb their own hands

What is a border?

This element of the roadway is a very narrow strip of concrete.That is why the border styling is simple and uncomplicated.Speaking in general terms, the border can be:

  • Garden;
  • Ornamental;
  • lawn;
  • roading.

Tools and materials

to installation of sidewalk curb was quick and easy, you should prepare in advance some tools and materials:

  1. Gardening shovel;
  2. ramming;
  3. pegs and string;
  4. Building level;
  5. Rubber hammer;
  6. curb;
  7. cement and sand.

As seen from the photo, install curbs do not require any speci

fic tools and additional materials, which once again confirms the simplicity of the process.

The most difficult point in the preparation of the above items will be the choice of stone for the curb.To set the border in the country, you can choose a stone of different sizes, colors and shapes - all this will depend only on your desire and design of landscape design.Few people know that you can make the stone and in the home.To do this, buy a special form and mortar.

Mount Technology The technology of installation of garden curb steps:

markup.To curb went beautifully and correctly, it is necessary to make a layout with a cord and pegs.

Creating trenches.The trench must have a depth equal to 1/3 of the height of the curbs, and the width - a few centimeters longer than the width of the stone.

Substrate Preparation.After the trench is ready, it is necessary to put a bit of the bottom solution from the sand, water, cement (in the ratio 3: 1.2: 1).This will give the opportunity to significantly improve mount the curb.

certain height.Many people often wonder - how to set a border of the same height?In fact, it can be done very simply.It is necessary to place the stones in the trench on both sides, to fix them carefully define the desired width and to pull the cord from one edge to the other.

Direct installation of the curb.Laying should be made clear on the cord.If need be, you can align the stone podsypaya mixture of sand and cement.To get the height of the curvature of the border, it is necessary to maintain a short distance between the cord and stone - about 1-2 mm.Curbs should be clearly laid down the middle, leaving room for a solution.

Laying solution.After curbstone is installed, it must be fixed with cement mortar.The solution is poured on the sides - in the place that was left earlier.When the solution is laid, you can check out and caught up stones with the help of a spirit level.

Videos laying curb their own hands