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August 12, 2017 18:05

Drainage on the site with his own hands

If your site is going to excess water, you need to take some measures on its lead.Otherwise, you will not only lose the possibility to equip the lush flower beds and gardens, but also expose the danger of the foundation of your home.drainage device in such a situation - a great way out, and this article will tell you how to implement this idea in life, saving not only on the material, but also on time.


  1. drainage Preparation
  2. digging trenches
  3. Preparation plenum "well»
  4. Filling trenches
  5. Filling ground
  6. drainage Videos on the site with his own hands

Preparation drainage

Before installing the drain in the country with their own hands, you need to clearly understand what you want to achieve what you want to see the result.Therefore, to have a clear picture of a future system in front of their eyes is very important.

Take measurements of your site and decide at what depth you will be laid drainage (depth will depend on the height of the plenum "well", as it is superior

to other construction elements).

traditional French drain is a trench filled with gravel, geotextile which is separated from the ground (it is necessary to ensure that the land is not mixed with gravel, as it is well water tight and does not allow weeds to germinate).Gravel and geotextile will allow moisture to be absorbed into the soil, spreading it across the area, where they are located, and not to gather in one place.When this drainage arrangement often used corrugated pipe with slotted holes at one of the parties, such as PVC.

as plenum "wells", which should be located at the end of the system, you can take the 200 L plastic drum (barrel) with the holes in the walls and floor.It is situated on a bed of gravel 8-10 cm thick, and around him to "build" a wall of gravel and 15 cm.

thickness in 200l drum (above) should make holes.They serve as additional slots for receipt of water in it, and one of them will become a place to install a second drain grating as below.Suffice it to two or three 5 cm hole.It is also necessary to make one big hole on the wall to the top of the pipe (see. Photo).

Another element - water collection tank.Its width should be about 30h30sm.It is desirable that it was equipped with a drain grate, especially in the case where the French drain is provided with drain pipe.When connecting the pipe to the tank, you ensure delivery of clean water in the system (without silt and other debris that can pass through the grating).

To make the drain with your hands, you will not need to spend money too much.The most expensive thing you buy is likely to be a catch tank, and the cheapest - pipe.As for the gravel, it will need about 2 m3 (1-2-cm pellets).You will also need geotextile.

digging trenches

Dig a trench on either side which will be "well" and the reservoir.In the first place, a hole must be 10-15 cm deeper than the rest of the trench.

depth is calculated depending on the height of the plenum "well" (after installation and backfilling with gravel, should be no more than 15 cm between the second and the ground).

Preparation plenum "well»

Use 2-3 cm drill bit to make the sides and bottom "well" in the "Swiss cheese."

And on the wall from top to cut a hole the size suitable for the diameter of the pipe, as well as set the foundation for its mounting.

Filling trenches

Cover the trench geotextile for drainage.

This will prevent the ingress of silt and mud, and mixing them with gravel.It will also ensure better absorption of moisture the ground.8-10-cm bed of gravel should be done only in the place where the 200L barrel will be placed.

Install it.Pour around a little gravel.Make sure that the drum is not moving.

Top header must be placed at ground level - just below the asphalt, so if you need (if you need a little lift reservoir) can install it on a thin bed of gravel.

around him pour gravel, make sure it is immobilized.

Connect plenum "well" and the header to the pipe.Remember the hole in the pipe should be facing down and the pipe itself must be sloped.Fill the trench with gravel, as shown in the photo, is between the ground and the gravel does not remain 15 cm. After install the drain grate on the barrel.

This drain on a country site is not finished.Wrap the geotextile so that the end on the one hand lay on the other - which lies opposite, overlapping.

Filling ground

Filling deepening ground - the final stage.Also on this site you can put already sprouted lawn grass.

Now you know how to do drainage with their hands in just a week or even more quickly without spending a lot of effort and money.Similarly, you can make yourself and drainage around the house.

Video drainage at the site with his own hands