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August 12, 2017 18:05

Waterproofing cap

Cap is a link between the residential part of the building and the foundation.Therefore, to protect it from moisture and allow additional insulation to protect the house from premature destruction.Additional protection promotes prevention basement from mold and mildew.High-quality waterproofing cap is easily carried out with their hands only with proper preparation and careful study of the instructions outlined.


  1. Preparing the cap to the waterproofing and insulation
  2. main works
  3. Creating drainage system
  4. Video waterproofing basement

Preparing the cap to the waterproofing and insulation

Forto the base and foundation waterproofing was carried out correctly, you need to dig a trench.The height should be taken into account and the upper part of the protection of ground base and the lower covering additional layer (hidden under the ground).The width should be at least 1 meter for ease of work.Start training is possible only after the complete drying of the structure and d

ug up only in warm weather.

for alignment and attachment of insulation to the house owner will need to carry out the alignment of the surface.In the case where the waterproofing cap made of brick, it is necessary to perform the removal of the cement between the protruding elements to the general level.

When should remove all dust and small balances using a stiff brush with medium bristles.

Major work begins

waterproofing cap outside with a primer coating.It will improve the adhesion between the substrate and coating, which will provide a perfectly flat surface.To work best with a wide brush, evenly distributing the composition of the brick wall.

used for leveling renders must have a class P III.It will get a really smooth surface due to thick consistency.

With the insulation and waterproofing material of the cap will be much faster, and the safety of the layers will be much higher.Leveling fresh composition with a spatula.

half an hour after the application is cleaned with a damp sponge or felt.

time by freezing will be from 2 to 3 days, the drying time will depend on the manufacturer of the purchased building materials.

For maximum isolation is carried out applying a bituminous layer with a thickness of approximately 4 mm.He will not miss moisture and extra protection putty.

performed bonding of thermal insulation sheets After solidification of the bitumen.

The example shows insulation plate Styrodur 3035 CS with a smooth surface.It is fastened to the wall with adhesive mixtures (for example, Ceresit CT 85 or CT 83).

But to cap waterproofing house with his own hands was really high quality, it is necessary to attach an additional sheet protection.Ideal for this task suitable drainage membrane DELTA-TERRAXX.

Creating drainage system

Ensure drainage is possible only when you create a good drainage system.Therefore it is recommended to fence off part of the trench and place the bottom of the solid film.It is necessary to consolidate the material at an angle that will divert gathering rainfall to the sewage system.At the bottom of the trench on top of the film is filled with gravel, sand, and further laid the remains of soil excavated at the beginning of the work.

The materials for waterproofing the basement have a low cost, so require minimal financial investment.Additionally, you can take the tube is connected to the sewage system.But it should be done very carefully, taking into account the level of connectivity and location of the drain.

Said sealing cap simple device, so creating an additional layer to easily be able to fulfill any master.It is important to remember that the resulting protection will depend on the quality of work and quality of materials.Therefore, when buying raw materials is not worth saving.It is recommended to pre-examine the advice and feedback from other buyers, and choose to work products, time-tested.

Video waterproofing basement