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August 12, 2017 18:05

Parking in the country with their own hands

in suburban or suburban area have to find a parking spot.Dimensions of parking for cars in the country will depend on the number of cars in the family and their size.Any lined rammed ground, eg gravel cope with its task.


  1. Step by Step Video
  2. creation of parking at the cottage with his hands

However, if you want a comfortable fit and clean, not muddy departure will have to make some effort to its creation.To park in the country, made their own hands, not covered with ice in the winter and did not turn into a mud slush spring and autumn, you need to consider and implement the creation of a drainage layer.

Pie with a parking lot packed drainage layer will effectively remove the water in the lowest layers of the soil, in order to avoid waterlogged grounds.Therefore cars in this site will never slip, even in wet weather.Make a parking lot in the country with their own hands, you can literally within a couple of days off.Step by step instructions

To begin at the selected

site is chosen soil about 30 cm. Then the place of the future must be fenced parking curbs.They are installed as stops to:

  • visually designated parking space;
  • create a low buffer to prevent the exit of car wheels on the surrounding area;
  • protection of the parking area from the receipt of outside water, dirt, debris.

Borders are mounted on pads of layers of concrete, sand and geotextile.For these purposes, you can install gabions (skeleton of the grid).Their filling can be postponed to the end of the parking device.

first lower underlying layer is formed after the creation of the perimeter.It is formed of gravel and crushed stone mixture of 200-500 mm, depending on the weight of the car.The layer should be well leveled and compacted tightly vibropressovalnoy machine.

It is worth to lay on the gravel layer of geotextiles density 160 g / sq m.Geotextile will need to:

  • prevent mixing of the layers;
  • load distribution;
  • prevent subsidence;
  • distribution of moisture from rainfall throughout the site.

On geotextile thickness of 50 mm is necessary to lay another layer of gravel-lined and sealed it again.Additionally, this layer can be placed pipes for cables, if you plan on parking lot lighting.

After laying all the layers stacked on top of the plastic lawn grid modules.

minimum height of plastic lawn grid modules to create a car park must be greater than 32 mm.You also need to pay attention to the material lattices.For protection from destruction by frost in polypropylene special additives must be added.If parking is allowed in the country trucks, it is necessary to use a reinforced lattice with additional stiffeners.

gabions are made, which was written above:

lawn grid is laid close to each other, if necessary, trimmed.

are then filled with soil up to the top level of cells and tamped.

turns flat ground, as in the photo.At the end of gabions filled with stones, and is now a parking space in the country is ready for use.

Video creation parking at the cottage with his hands