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August 12, 2017 18:05

Make a door for a bath with his hands - instructions with drawings and video

k- 1_ All that is necessary for the erection of any structure, is now easy to acquire.Even bannuyu door, the price of which (depending on the size and construction material) starts from 7250 rubles.In principle, not so expensive.But the aesthetic component, in this case - is not important.

main criterion for choosing it - the ability to retain heat as efficiently as possible in the premises, especially in the steam room.How is check in sales salon?In terms of practicality, the door to the bath is better to do on their own, without relying on the experience and integrity of the manufacturer.If you then find out that it keeps the heat is bad, replace will not succeed.About all the nuances of this "design" and will be discussed in this article.

* All of the following linear parameters - recommended.Their optimal values ​​reconciled years.

Features door for bath

street door need + to the steam room.This is the minimum, as depending on the internal layout and the number of doors and the space can be larg


Linear leaf sizes for all (see, with a tolerance of ± 5).Height - 175, width - 65.

to - 2_

Specificity of the door to the steam room

To it are increased requirements.Therefore, it is its production has a number of features.Regarding the other doors, including outdoor and criteria are common to all such products, which are installed in apartment buildings.

  • Number of wings: the furnace "black" - 2 (with a strong smoke reopened), "white» - 1.
  • material - wood.
  • cloth should not deform under conditions of excessive moisture and temperature.
  • door is "blind" to prevent the penetration of steam into the adjacent room.
  • nut height (cm) - no more than 5.
  • Opening - only outside.It should be clarified.When set in another (inside), then the loop will be in a steam room.Given the atmosphere in the room, the metal of which they are made will last long.

materials for the manufacture of doors

following discussion focuses on the door leaf.As for the box, it should be collected in the same timber, from which erect the walls of the framework.If the room was built of brick, artificial stone, then applied to the web.


Breed Of hardwood doors for bath is recommended to use aspen, alder, oak and linden.Last even preferable, as when heated produces compounds characterized by healthy properties.But in terms of durability it is still worth paying attention to larch.It differs from other conifers that it contains a specific resin which not only imparts increased wood moisture repellent properties, but also additional strength.This door will last a very long time.Learn more about choosing wood for the bath, we wrote here.

Note!The use of any coniferous involves additional processing workpieces to minimize the release of resins, since their constant presence in pairs every receiving treatments can safely carry.

Dimensions of blanks (mm)

Basic: for the frame - 60 x 40 beams;for web - board (required decking) width and a thickness of 120 36.

to - 4_

side of the door facing the steam room, and can sheathe clapboard.Its thickness - not less than 10.

Everything else - depending on the chosen design, and financial capabilities.

How to assemble web

basis on which it is made production, should be smooth and tight to exclude even the slightest misalignment surface.

There are 2 variants of the design canvas - frame and solid wood.Last for the independent production of more complex, so for general awareness only appropriate to give the assembly scheme.

Door - to - bani_

to independently make such a door, you must have good skills in working with wood.By the way, it is characterized by considerable weight, so to install it will take quite a massive block.And this complexity and higher cost of operation.

Consider a simple execution of the web - RAMS.


to - 6_ idea is to immediately identify the required parameters frame.Whatever it may be the high-quality wood, with time painting some swell.To avoid problems with tight closing doors, its size should be selected as soon as a little less (about 3 - 4 mm on each side) dimensions of the internal perimeter of the jamb.

fabric Manufacturing

  • assembly frames.They need 2 - external and internal.Corner joints can be overlapped, further strengthening their spines and metal corners.
  • outer frame on the one hand is sheathed OSB (particleboard, MDF), domestic - decking.All connections are made on the principle of "thorn-groove".The peculiarity is that the samples for quality bonding and sealing gaps between the side tabs and notches on the boards are treated with sealant or PVA.Since
  • bars differ certain thickness, such designs have internal cavity.It is laid insulation material.Given the specifics of further operation, use mineral wool inadvisable.
  • After such training the two halves of the web overlap, then tightly fastened.The gap on the perimeter is sealed jute cord and heat-resistant sealant.


further trim fabric on the outside - at the discretion of the master.It can produce over chipboard paneling, thin board, or another way to decorate.

The peculiarity is that the surface of the door facing the steam room should only dismiss timber.And for the outside of the range of material produced in accordance with the interior of the adjacent premises.

Here is another circuit, but it is also more difficult.Maybe someone and interested.

to - 7_

To the steam room door closed tightly, without gaps, at its end of the pasted foam, jute tape, felt and the like.These materials are soft, so even a small misalignment problems with the web closing it will not cause.

Everything else - the location of the hinge (height), handles and locks - in principle irrelevant.

Useful tips

  • Accessories located on the inner side of the web (in the sauna), should not be made of metal.When the room temperature is substantially the same as the handle can become hot in such a way that it will be impossible to touch it, to close the door.
  • Whatever claimed in sales showrooms, set at the entrance to the steam room "superfashionable" doors of frosted glass, plastic and so on is not worth it.Arguments - any artificial material in some extent contain "chemistry."
  • Since any structure shrinks, the door block at the entrance to the steam room is required to be mounted inside obsady (okosyachki).Therefore preliminary it is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of this construction and its assembly rules.For other doors - depending on the wall material.

Giving advice on all occasions meaningless.Baths are different and the material of the walls and their thickness, structure and location of the place.But the basic nuances of manufacturing doors in the article describes is quite easy to understand.Independently they make on such work does not make recommendations.Good luck, dear reader!