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August 12, 2017 18:05

What kind of wood is best to use for protopki furnace bath - practical tips

0_ would seem, what's the difference, because any wood burning, and pretty good.But if it is to think about the effectiveness of the bath procedures, by the choice of species of wood for the bath is best approached consciously, considering all the features of wood.How to choose the wood, which take into account and to provide - all this the reader learns of the proposed article.

Note!Identical furnaces for baths do not happen.Although minor differences in design, dimensions, assembly, be sure to have drawn.In addition, a lot depends on the place of installation the stove., You need to experiment to achieve maximum efficiency of the heat generator.

only after studying all the features of the furnace in different modes with different types of wood, you can find the best way to kindling and maintaining the heat in the steam room.That is why specific guidelines for choosing the wood can not be.In addition, the wood must be reasonable to combine and use all the time is not the same for different procedur


Recommended types of wood for the bath

Features furnace bath "and white»

In this way, the wood species is not the determining factor.The main requirement for firewood - the minimum humidity.For good logs goes bust, they need to prepare.Criteria - the average cross section and a small length (about 30 - 35 cm).If more and provide a quality boost, the temperature in the steam room can be raised to the desired value quite quickly that, in fact, is a hallmark of a really good bath.

«by Black»

This technique is used much less frequently, although it is more efficient.That and drowned in the old days.Recommend specific wood species is unlikely at least advisable because different baths have their own characteristics (including, and design), and the concept of "procedure", each of us interprets in his own way.Knowing the properties of wood, easy to make the best choice in its sole discretion.

Fruit trees

to the furnace of bath furnace used mainly pear, apple, cherry and plum.This rock solid, so well supported by the heat and do not require frequent backing new fuel batch.



to create heat in the bath, willow - perhaps the most suitable wood, besides not giving soot.But its drawback is that it burns quickly.

recommendation - you must immediately prepare the required supply of firewood, taking into account the fact that pop them into the furnace will have to quite often.


For bathhouse furnace is considered one of the best options.When burning, which is characterized by uniformity and duration (birch refers to hard rock) produces compounds that are characterized disinfectant properties.Steam treatments using these wood well help with colds.During the heat of reaction evolved resins not only provide a distinctive flavor in the steam room, but also provide protection for the inner cavity of the chimney from overheating.

Recommendation - precisely because of the inappropriate use of resins for the initial kindling.

birch - drova_


for bathhouse ovens are wood are considered "elite".One tab on oak wood will burn for a long time, giving excellent heat.This wood is different healing properties, and bath treatment helps get rid of many ailments, including chronic and.

Recommendation - if it is possible, you should choose oak are at least 200 years (the average age of the tree).



flares up slowly, but then gives a steady glow.Steam from linden wood has many healing properties.

Recommendation - zagotavlivaya this timber for future use, it should be noted that if stored in the woodpile of more than 2.5 years, it loses many useful properties.


One of the most convenient options for firewood.wood feature is that it is rapidly getting rid of moisture, regardless of whether the conditions in which is stored.This enables a sharp reduction in the period of its dry before using.It has a number of healing properties, so it is often used for health treatments.

Recommendation - alder flared up rather quickly, so it is advisable to use immediately, for lighting the stove.



This tree is only necessary for work on the chimney cleaning, but not for the bath treatment (burns quickly, and the heat is almost does not).To achieve the maximum soot removal, the fire should be regularly toss potato peelings.

Useful tips

When burning the same amount of wood of different breeds highlights, in principle, equal to the amount of heat energy.From the perspective of a rational choice of fossil fuels should be guided by its effectiveness.What does it depend on?

  • drova_dlya_bani_ wood Humidity - the higher the figure, the greater part of the heat energy expended in a heating bath and the evaporation of water contained in the structure of the material.
  • density - the higher it is, the wood more "energy-intensive".But it is worth considering that the use of "heavy" logs is necessary to ensure good traction, or the burning process will be slow, and the efficiency of the furnace will decrease.
  • percentage of pitches - coniferous trees are used only for ignition, as well ignited.However, a bath sink just are not worth it, because a steady specific smell can carry so much more.Furthermore, the resin deposited on the stones, the inner walls of smoke channel that requires more frequent cleaning them.

efficiency of the furnace is increased, if it lays the well dried firewood.To moisture evaporation process was more intense, it is necessary to adhere to a set of rules on the choice of location for the woodpile.

main criteria:

  • hill;
  • quality ventilation;
  • of ground insulation (formed on the base plate);
  • in the presence of the bark of the logs that must be facing up;
  • protection from precipitation (canopy).

Firewood for baths should be sawn in advance.The length of the logs should match the size of the furnace, that is, sawing wood is made immediately "under the tab" in the oven.