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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choose a thermostat for heating the boiler in the house - the types and practical tips

termostat1 According to statistics, with the help of automation incorporated in the heating circuit is achieved up to 18 - 20% energy savings.In addition, the proper organization of the process control allows you to maintain the microclimate in all areas of the house at a comfortable level for the owner.

will understand what are thermostats for domestic heating boilers and what to consider when choosing a device for a particular model of the heat generator.

thermostat plugs directly into the heating circuit and responsive to the coolant temperature.This is the most simple (mechanically operated), and cheap products of this type.Typically, they are installed in the boiler, at least in its advanced models.

The following discussion focuses on the devices, called thermostats.What is the difference?Thermostats control the mode of operation of the boiler by means of electronics and react to temperature fluctuations.They are remotely separated from the heat exchanger and set in the most appropriate for their c
orrect work place.

assortment of such devices is much more, they are more expensive, but their efficiency is much higher.Plus - easy setting of any temperature in the room.

thermostats What is the advantage?

microclimate in the home depends not only on the set operating mode of the boiler.It is influenced by fluctuations in temperature and in the street, a change in wind direction, the position lights on the horizon and many other factors.All this takes place continuously throughout the day.Therefore, when using the thermostat has to be changed regularly (manually) customizing.

the thermostat itself monitors all vibrations, surges and automatically adjusts the boiler operation without user intervention.Hence, regardless of the house owners or not, microclimate therein remains unchanged.What this means is well known, for example, those who bred breeds (for the most part, "capricious") plants.


Types of thermostats


This is the common name of the instrument, only testifies to the fact that they are placed in the room (and for any purpose), and responsive to the air temperature in it.The correct functioning of thermostats depends on the correct choice of the installation site.They should be mounted so that they are not covered any furniture or home furnishings (drapes, curtains, sliding partitions, etc.).In this case, it violates the natural circulation of the air flow, and the thermostat sensor sensitivity is reduced.

These thermostats can be operated in conjunction with street sensors, which increases comfort.


Thermostats of this type of control is carried out not by the boiler and the valve device is mounted on the heating pipes.Consequently, each sensor is "tied" to a particular contour.

cylinder thermostat

zone advisable to acquire, if the heating system is turned on double-boiler, and with simple electronics.Such thermostats prevent ingress of coolant in the system with a high temperature, which is fraught with the deformation of the pipe PP or PE and the occurrence of breaks or leaks.Suffice it to expose its limit, and the boiler will automatically switch off for a while.

Zone Controllers

unlikely that such devices needed in a private home, but they are worth to say.Thermostats such performance more suited to large areas, which are divided into certain sectors, is heated by a separate circuit.Controller-type IR sensor works in conjunction with the valves, and adjusts the current through each coolant "thread" depending on the temperature in a particular zone.

Tips for Choosing the thermostat

device compatible with the electronics of the boiler

Edition thermostats involved a lot of companies.How not to be mistaken?You should buy the product from that producer, whose boiler is installed in the house (how to choose a gas boiler, read here).

If corporate thermostat on sale there, pay attention to the equipment under such brands as "Danfoss", "RTD", "Overtrop", "Kermi", "Corado", "Valtek", "Global"" Monolith ".Judging by the reviews on niche sites, these models are in practice have proven their reliability and efficiency in the work.

principle boiler control

Boiler thermostat On this basis thermostats are divided into wired and remote control devices.The selection criterion is one - easy installation.Wired model reliability, but to lay a signal line from the thermostat to the boiler, so that it could not be seen?

Wireless devices "communicate" with the heat source by means of a radio signal.Consequently, between these products should be in line of sight.


options A close acquaintance with the possibilities thermostats value of more than 3 800 rubles question arises - as if all of that, that is capable of the electronics, it is useful in practice?When does it make sense to pay for something that in principle, and do not need?

Before buying the thermostat you need to decide what it actually sold.The most common options, or as they say, a minimum set:

  • switching the boiler operating modes Day / Night;
  • maintaining the temperature constant in the room on the exposed level;
  • emergency shutdown of the boiler in case of emergency.


Here, for example, programming a week, by day - is it necessary?First, usually home after work still return home, and can always make adjustments.Secondly, even professional forecasters can not give an accurate prediction on how long a period.According to the author, the programming of the boiler control for a week, ten days, and so on no more than a marketing move producers and sellers, as practical does not matter for the owner of the house.

There are other options that also raise some questions.But they are necessary or not, the reader will decide for himself by himself.Here no advisers are not required.But the meaning is clear - to understand at first, and then pay.

cost thermostat

The fact that cheap is not a synonym for good, do not need to explain to anyone.Given the fact that the correct operation of the thermostat is achieved savings en / resource, extended maintenance-free service life of the boiler equipment, to acquire the appliance at too low a price hardly worth it.Failures its settings, error control will not only disruption of the microclimate and breakage especially sensitive to temperature changes circuit elements.

Salus control

price range as the range of thermostats is huge.Experts recommend not to purchase equipment for less than 1700 rubles.Quality thermostat, "stuffed" with electronics, cheaper cost can not.Price more versatile, multi-functional samples may be from 12 000 and above.

example, Salus brand controller (UK) KL06RF Series (13,980 rubles).But this is quite a complex device and is suitable except for the cottage a few floors and with lots of rooms.The owner of the model of a private house with the purchase of quality thermostat with several options completely runs out in 2500 - 4500 rubles.

Recommendation - liked the thermostat before purchasing it is useful to view the certificate for products.Label-known manufacturer is no guarantee that the thermostat - not counterfeit.Who forged documents is more serious than a simple sticker.

And finally - if possible, it is necessary to interview friends (co-workers, neighbors) from among those who live in their own home.Do they turn the thermostat as it works, that improved, what features are really needed?Their feedback will help determine the choice.