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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to decorate a window at the New Year with their own hands - stencils , painting and decorating

Attitude to the New Year has always been somewhat superstitious.It is no secret that each of us secretly hope that this is the most long-awaited milestone, which is over a gray (and for someone and black) life band.That is why to the design of the home before the new year decided to approach with care.About how best to decorate the windows of his house in 2016 New Year, we'll talk.

n- 15 In Eastern chronology 2016 - year of the Monkey, and how stresses are not any, and the Fire (Red).Consequently, these points to consider when decorating windows.

  • Firstly, it is smart, agile and cunning creatures should be present in at least one figure, applications or any other decoration.
  • Secondly, the choice of colors focuses on a yellow (golden), red and shades.Such details will underline that comes not just another New Year, and the 2016 th.
  • Third, home decoration - this is not a template, and the realization of their own fantasies.Everything described below - no more than examples and tips, and how best to do i
    n your own home, the reader is able to identify himself.

Art painting glass

One of the simplest and at the same time, delivering maximum fun decoration techniques.It takes only a colored gouache and brushes.

Plyusov enough.First, any "mistake" is easy to fix if something does not like it - correct.Rinse with water-based paint - not a problem.Secondly, with such work and manage the child, and the kids mostly like to draw.As - it is another matter, but this way of decorating the window will be a truly collective, as recommended, and urged, family psychologists.Third, do not have to spend money on a variety of materials.If you want to make a stained glass painting - see the master class.

Using stencils (applications)

They can be bought or prepared yourself.But first you need to decide how they will be used.

Option №1. Using templates can be applied to any window panes of the same drawing in gouache.For those who do not like (he does not want to, can not) work with a brush and paint.How to make your own?The web templates ready so that the choice is almost unlimited.It is enough to download and print out.Well, to cut the extra segments on the paper can any.If the stencil to be used repeatedly, it must be copied to a more durable material.For example, on cardboard, film.

n- 5

Option №2. Label templates window.Plus - a lot of time this way of decoration does not take.Minus - after the New Year holidays have to be washed thoroughly with glue residue glasses.

Hanging decorations

Windows - it's not just the frame (block) with glass or fiberglass.If we are to decorate - the entire opening.As a rule, it posted balls or other Christmas toys.Not bad decorate the doorway candy, nuts, wrapped in golden foil.

n- 8

It is clear that for this to drill the ceiling and insert the dowels with screws no one will.How to fix the decoration?The only viable option - adhesive tape (duct tape).To the thread does not slip out of such a "fixture" at its end should tie a few knots.Given the low weight is quite enough toys.


And on this side of the window should not be forgotten.You can set up a mini-herringbone, some crafts Christmas theme.For example, in the form of an artificial tree.Not bad lay spruce branches, and the top - a few sweets, nuts, mandarin.

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Lighting design

If the window opening is bulky, it may be reasonable to combine several options:

  • Garlands (how to select, read here).
  • Illumination from the side.
  • Candles.

n- 10

For a small window, you can choose one thing, the most suitable for your particular room.


n- 18 When decorating the windows for them should not be forgotten.If possible, you can hang the curtains, new, with a corresponding holiday pattern or tone.But mostly decorated with those that already exist.With the help of pins is easy for them to fix the cut paper snowflakes and various figures.

When decorating the window openings to the New Year should not choose only one option.Greater effect can be achieved optimal combination of several.And at the same time - not "overdo it."It is necessary to focus on the size of the window, its size, the depth of the opening, and the specifics of the room.

And another tip reader - avoid uniformity in design.The same decoration - size, color, and so on - in a house is unlikely to be appropriate.Nicely, possibly be, but comfortable if a big question.