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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to create a Victorian style in the interior of your living room - ideas and photos

Making very large, spacious rooms, by definition, causes some difficulties.Each of us has their own ideas about the interior of the living room, so pointless to recommend anything specific.This article is intended for those who want to deal with Victorian detail, or looking for the best way to everything their living room.

most common opinion (but not among connoisseurs) of it - a Victorian living room style interior is suitable only for those who want to show off all the "acquired by back-breaking labor."However, if you carefully to understand the features of the historical period called the "Victorian era", it is possible to draw several conclusions.

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  • first - it is ambiguous, and experts have identified a number of its periods (more precisely - three).
  • second - in this style there are many contradictions.In fact, it is an attempt to combine into a whole not entirely, to put it mildly, compatible components.
  • third - like decoration living room, if we approach the matter "wisely", available fo
    r families at all income levels and does not require excessive costs.

features Victorian-style interior

on topics you can write a lot.But it is doubtful whether the reader is looking for a concise answer to his question, will spend time learning a multi treatise with historical tours and description of all the features characteristic of the interior during the reign of Queen Victoria.Therefore - only the specifics, and everything else will tell his own fantasy, taking into account the financial possibilities.

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  • monumentality.This applies equally to both furniture items, door panels and other elements of the interior - paintings, curtains, clocks and the like.Everything has to be massive, stout.
  • judicious combination of old with new, with some sophistication.
  • openings windows - mostly arched (Gothic) form.
  • predominance of vertical lines in the design.
  • Fretwork (you can do it yourself), patterned composition on the eaves.
  • Reasonableness of each element of the interior.Nothing superfluous, discordant with the general background.
  • Fireplace.When it comes to a city apartment, it is enough to simulate (how to make a decorative It is the same with the facing stone (often -.. Granite or marble)

Material design

Mostly wood If made wall paneling, finishing.floors, only the valuable species, but what about those who do not allow media outlets is simple -.?.. imitation on the market a lot of the product concerned, for example, laminate, tiles (with patterns), flooring (not to be confused with the more expensive piece goods!.) For walls - textured or "liquid" wallpaper Choosing sufficient, and if all to think in detail, it is possible to arrange the living room on a budget option

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Furnishings solid wood no one is able to buy, can do and relatively inexpensive set. We just need to focus on such signs of "Victorian" as a dark tone, massive, rounded corners, smooth curves and headboards armrests of chairs, armchairs.And one more detail - soft padding.All this combined several balances prevalence of severe (direct) general design lines premise.

table - preferably rounded shapes with chairs arranged around the perimeter.Its dimensions are important not important - availability.

racks, shelves

Let us not forget that the time of Queen Victoria - a period of colonization from different countries.Therefore, the presence on the shelves of several original statues and antiques just need to bring the spirit of the era.

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priority - brown and shades.With him well blended soft green, purple (as an option - dark red), gray-blue, and the "cold" blue.To overly dark is not "crushed" in the living room is appropriate to it somewhat dilute the gilt or white.For example, some framing decorative elements, staining of the walls and so on.

In principle, this information is sufficient to arrange the living room in a Victorian style.The main thing - remember that the template does not exist, so any host (hostess) is always possible to bring into this interior its own "flavor".

Note.One of the features of this style is that all the rooms are processed differently.All of the above - just for living.