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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a simple bench made ​​of wood with their hands - instructions and drawings

Much depends on the proposed use of the piece of furniture, once one of the most common in the Russian huts and tower.Therefore, such things as the selection of wood texture, color, original forms, and so on - all this is at the discretion of the master, which will make the bench made of wood.

On the practical side deserve more attention other issues - ways of connecting the various parts (the so-called joiner technologies), assessment of the feasibility of using a particular breed, and optimal geometry of simple benches.With all of the nuances manufacture of benches with their hands, and the author offers a deal.And all the rest depends only on the imagination and some personal preferences (or certain parameters, if someone has made a specific order).


Wood for bench

First, the bench nowadays are mainly used on suburban and private plots.In the house - much less, except in the utility room and separate buildings (workshop, bath, garage).

Secondly, taking into account the peculiarities of opera

tion (in the open air, in unheated buildings), not all wood is suitable for these purposes.Experts recommend doing a bench made of larch or pine.Since we are talking about the implementation of all technological operations with their own hands, Oak (who do not mind the price) is not suitable because of its hardness.

of wood processing highly complex and requires good skills in carpentry.If you think about the durability of the bench, it is preferable to still larch.Even picking up moisture, this tree becomes a stronger and less susceptible to rotting than other conifers.

The fact that the tree must be free from major defects (large knots, splits, etc.), the need for its drying and impregnation are not talking - it is basic things.But here's a reminder of the percentage of moisture will not be superfluous.

The building may be used pieces of wood with a measure of no more than 20%.But this rule.In practice, the board will have to (bars) "endure" in appropriate conditions until the value is in the range 8 - 10%.Otherwise, twisting or bending parts of wooden benches can not be avoided.


Metal Fabrication

benches made of wood with their hands, without additional fasteners - can be complicated.Whatever can be said on the boards of the assembly simplicity without a "nail", but landing on the adhesive, should not deceive ourselves.The technology associated with a variety of drunk, their fit with a "spiked", a highly skilled carpenter is available, with plenty of practical experience.And for the simple wooden benches extra complexity is not needed.

What to prepare for assembly of the bench?


The best option for a tree.Firstly, such a bench maintainability much higher.To replace damaged (wear) parts enough to unscrew metiz.It will be more difficult with a nail.To get them, will have to tinker, and not the fact that this place does not form a dent on the tree.

Second, to install the first screw drilled hole (channel).Correctly determining the position of drills, it is easy to make directed exactly perpendicular to the sample surface.But to hammer a nail into the wood from the first time, without distortion, it does not always work.It is unlikely that someone will arrange a bench from which stick out in different places sharp metal "pins".

Third, nailing often involves cracking wood.The most offensive, that the well-known law it happens most often when the assembly bench is almost completed.

additional fasteners

This generic name parts, providing increased strength of all connections.Options for the tree - angles, plate shaped, staples.What is needed, it is easy to understand by looking at the drawing bench.

All fastening metal parts to be used in the manufacture of wooden benches, must be made of steel with a corrosion-resistant coating.For example, so-called "galvanizing".The use of conventional screws will lead to the fact that they will begin to rust and "prikipyat" to the tree.Remove them (if necessary) will be a real problem.

Dimensions blanks

It is possible to conduct the recommended parameters only.The assembly of any construction if it is done with his own hands - a creative process.This also applies to the drawings which are given below.They should only be regarded as a benchmark clue.And to choose a specific length of the benches, width, and so on - it is the master.


bars. cross-section - a square or rectangle.For side enough bench (in cm) from 3 to 5.

boards. understood first thickness.It should be related to the length of the bench.Since it is a simple "furniture" versions, the presence of intermediate support, as a rule, is not provided.Accordingly, the board must be taken for 30 mm at least.

This bench will not work too hard, and it can be rearranged alone.What, in fact, is required for simple models of universal application.

procedure of manufacturing the bench

Preparation structural elements

It is not only cutting wood in size, but in quality processing of all received the item.Perhaps grinding and not necessary if in the future is expected to paint a wooden bench, but cleaning the surface - is required.It can be performed quickly and efficiently using e / tool called "grinder."About commercially available models, especially their application describes in detail here.


Each sample, for the convenience of further assembly, it is necessary to mark, in accordance with the scheme of the bench.Given that before using the wooden parts have to handle, the mark must be placed at the ends.

design Assembling

Some features of this process are already specified.Where to start - it's up to the master.Typically, the back, if it is provided circuitry mounted last.


These shops often manufactured for installation in baths.In fact, the same bench, only the name of another.

c- 6

maximum reliability docking parts benches can be achieved by the simultaneous use of all methods of attachment - "tongue and groove", screws and additional elements.And all the places of contiguity details must first promazyvat glue.

c- 7

give any additional work on certain tools manual selection of the drill diameter, etc. The author considers excessive.A man accustomed to collect all his own hands, such clues are not required.

Good luck to you, the reader, in the design of self!