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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make beautiful blinds hands - step by step instructions

Options window openings decoration in our time, in abundance.But if the room is relatively small, the choice is somewhat limited.Massive web only "conceal" a useful area, fabric curtains in some areas (in the same kitchen) are quickly spoiled, installing blinds is not always possible or appropriate.

example, for windows with non-standard sizes will have to make an order for his drawings and pay extra for it.Roller blinds that are easy to "hide" or deployed, in many cases - the optimal solution.And how to make their own hands, and at low cost, the reader will learn by reading this article.

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The author points out that we are talking about blinds.They are often confused with the so-called "Roman", although this is somewhat different design.The similarity is only in some details, but the fundamental difference - in the scheme of "lift."

The principle of the blind

The structure design includes roller (it is sometimes referred to as a roller), which fixed the cut web is wound when lifting.A mor

e sophisticated version - a cassette, where the "clap" shaft-rod.

roller rotates on an axis that is fixed with brackets in several ways:

  • On sash frame at the top.This does not prevent opening the windows even when the curtain lowered.
  • At the top of the opening.Not very convenient, but this solution allows to cover the entire window with one blade as blinds.
  • on the wall.Alternatively, on the sidewalls of the window opening.This method of attachment allows you to almost completely eliminate the occurrence of drafts in the room.

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method for controlling roller blinds

  • Manual.In a nutshell - "I pulled the strings" and the curtain raised or lowered.
  • automated.Management more convenient, but it is necessary to install a mini-motor, determined with its capacity to think, how to make the drive.And that's not all the difficulties.For the manufacture of curtain roll with their hands - not the best option.

Choosing fabric for roller blinds

What to consider:

  • When the fabric is omitted, wrong side can be seen from the street.Conclusion - for such structures need to use double-sided material.
  • They can be used not only as a single version of the shading windows, but also in conjunction with other design solutions in the form of dense curtains suspended from the curtains.Accordingly, the fabric selected.In the first case, it should be dense and can be used in the second translucent.This roller blind afford only slightly shade the room, similar to the blinds.

Normal tissue (for example, often used linen, tapestry) requires additional processing, which involves impregnating the fabric with special compositions with the prefix "anti", that is, protecting blinds from bacteria, static charge decay.This is especially true for specific areas - kitchen, bathroom.The best option experts believe Polyester (Polyester name often used).

Additional design elements

P - 5 Weighting

is a wooden (plastic) rail, which is attached to the lower section of the web.Purpose is clear - it is a kind of bob, when lowering the blind pull it down.A metal rod or something like that should not be used.If the metal starts to rust, it will appear on the web spots.Completely remove them does not work, tested.


choice is - ribbons, cords.The amount depends primarily on the width of the fabric roll curtains.The main criterion - easy ascent / descent.In determining the length of each of the adjusting element to be double the height of the web and add some see as the necessary reserve (about 12 - 16).It is necessary to fix the curtains in a particular position, when it is necessary to do the garter (knot, bow - as anyone familiar).


in makeshift structures, it is desirable to use the wood.From metal products to work harder.Firstly, you will need a thin-walled tube, also made of stainless steel.Second, on its mounting brackets as it would cause some difficulties.Recommended diameter - of 25 to 50 mm, depending on the height of the window.

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Manufacturing How to produce, it's up to the master.Roller blinds can cover or the entire opening or frame, or a particular leaf.It is only necessary to keep each side of the web 15 - 20 mm in order to be able to make bends of the material and to stitch machine.

But when it comes to the tissues.In some cases, the use of bamboo fabric, a dense film p / e, there are other options.But the meaning is clear, and a good hostess that this allowance, you need not tell.

Preparing the blind

  • If web unilateral (meaning colors), they should make by applying the wrong side of each other.Accordingly, when used for the blind double material the item is skipped.
  • Weighting can be mounted in different ways.One option - in the pocket, which is located at the bottom of web across its width.Consequently, there will have to make a "line" after the sinker is stowed.
  • last stage - ironing, because then you can hang blinds.

Fixing shaft rod

The figures show some of the ways, and any further explanation is hardly required.

Fastening curtains to roller

There is also nothing complicated - staples (staples), buttons, and so on.Who is doing it with a long zamka- "lightning."Alternatively, the removable structure - on small hooks.

Fixing garters

Similarly Rolling shutter curtain.How to position on the platen, easy to understand, focusing on the fabric width.

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Naturally, at the end of the assembly check that the roll curtains.

accepted that the blinds are installed in the upper part of the window openings.But if you think about it, you can use them in a different way.For example, for the zoning room.The design, fixed on the ceiling, allow at any time or set a decorative partition, or quickly remove it.What is not a solution to the problem of small spaces?

«Turn on" imagination, dear reader, you are sure to find more and no less rational use of roller blinds, made with his own hands.If there is a glass door, it is a good way to temporarily "protect" the room (if necessary) from prying eyes.The same fully applies to the glazing of balconies (loggia).

outlined instructions contain a list of works and recommendations on specific steps.Production of blinds require a creative approach, taking into account personal views on the issues of registration of an interior space, its specificity and a number of other factors.If you approach the creative process, with the understanding of the technology, it can be made with your own hands all sorts of blinds - by the method of fixing material, shade cloth, and so on.For example, the use of Velcro tape, the button.Make a decorative garter.Weave them easy and with his own hands, from multi-colored cords.