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August 12, 2017 18:05

As with their hands to make a stool made ​​of wood - step by step instructions , photos and drawings

t -2 There are several options for the manufacture of the piece of furniture, including, and wood.

We will focus on the process of manufacturing their own hands all the usual stools made of wood.How to choose the right material, process it, write a good sample drawing - on all counts article will offer detailed recommendations.

All drawings below stools - are just examples.The process of manufacture is not accompanied by accurate calculations, as required in the design of load-bearing parts of the structure or any of those who one way or another are subjected to considerable stress.

therefore further - only the recommended sequence of actions by independent manufacturing stool, ie general instruction.What exactly do the model, up to you, dear reader.After all, it is clear that their hands can build anything you want.The main thing is that the resulting sample is fully consistent with its purpose, which, again, is determined by the master.

Choice design stools

These drawings and pictures clearly show

what options are most often collected stool for domestic use.

t- h

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t -5

than the original version - a stool and bedside table at the same time.

t -7

explanation, only one - the more complicated the configuration, the more time is required for the manufacture of the stool.But this is not important.For different shaped elements will have to find the appropriate tool, and even resort to the services of a person (or workshop), has for its personal use lathe, milling, and the like.

simple example: to make curly drank exactly radially, only one hand will fret except that of plywood.And that is not the fact that the result will be satisfactory.In case, if you plan to make the legs of the whole board, that if there is only simple household tools better and not try - it requires many years of experience in the processing of wood blanks.

choice of materials

What work have with wood, this is understandable.But what kind of products can I use?

t -01

solid wood in the form of planks and beams for the manufacture of any parts of the stool: seat (1), the fastening bars (2), bars (3), pronozhek, side-bar and legs themselves (4).A more simplified version - with a plywood lid.Incidentally, this solution has the advantage that the furniture board (another name of the structural part) is easier to laminate, and if necessary - to replace.

plywood type

It should be vlagoottalkivayuschey.On a stool in the process of its operation will necessarily fall into the water.Products FBS in all respects is the best, but its value is that not everyone wants to buy a veneer.At home, as a rule, used brand products PSF and FC.To save money, you can buy cheaper sheets of these series, SH1 category.

This means that grinding was subjected to only one side of the sample.Condition second (underside, rear) seat stool does not matter.On sale there and plywood with a finished lamination, but of course it will cost more.

tree breeds and varieties

material begin with plywood.If the stool will be indoors, it is best to fit the brand FC.It is less rain, but the adhesive used to bond the veneer, is not toxic.But PSF for this reason it is recommended primarily for outdoor use.Besides higher degree of water resistance.So if the stool will always be in the back room, the garden or somewhere else outside the building - the best option.


But at the choice of wood, you can write a lot.Without going into the characteristics of different breeds, the author recommends to use a stool larch.Firstly, it is easy to process by hand.Second, the cost of the material is quite acceptable.Third, unlike many other species of conifers Larch this price range when wet becomes even stronger.Therefore, with careful handling of the stool, it will serve for many years.Fourth, do not need to constantly deal with her drug treatment against rot and biological pests.More options from inexpensive - acacia and ash.

opted for a particular species of tree should explore all the features of it.But there are nuances, and this approach ensures that there are no problems then.For example, if everyone knows that the same acacia easily processed only after it is soaked?Dry harvesting of this wood hardness is not much inferior stone.

humidity level tree

Basically, all wood must be qualitatively dry.The building may not use these materials with index greater than 20%.As for the stool, there is no need to be an expert to understand - collecting her own hands from raw blanks, after some time will have to redo everything.The reason is simple - the whole structure "lead" after the shrinkage of wood.


technology often meet advice not to use the compound of the "tongue and groove".The main argument - it is difficult.But if you think about it, is it?

t -8

In order to make the grooves legs, the author used the e-mail / drill with a small cutter.The pre-planned lines for Drill holes that are then combined by selecting "walls" between them.Whatever anyone claimed this type of the most reliable connection.

own hands to articulate all the elements with screws much easier.The heads can be countersunk and disguise them.But such a design very soon begin to creak - it is checked.It turns out that a common element connecting the workpiece 2, is only a thin and short metal "pin" - leg of the fastener.

Hardware can only be used as an extra (to board on the glue) method of fixing parts.To enhance apply elements such as corners, staples, plates.Master and will understand that it is more convenient for a particular version of a stool.And then, this is done mainly to bulky designs.If the product is small-sized, it is enough and one glue.While there may be a reader and other opinion - the author does not insist.

Production of component parts

main part of the stool shown (see. Above).If the drawing is ready, everything else - the "trick."

design Assembling

That is to say, pre-assembly, a kind of "bride" stools.This step tests the accuracy of all sizes, the correct fitting parts are identified (if any) defects and so on.There can still be something to alter, modify without unnecessary cost and time loss.

Processing structural components

After checking the availability of the entire design-to-assemble wood "brought to mind" - spetssostavami soaked, dried and so on.

Assembling stools

There are only a few guidelines:
  • start working preferably with a seat.To it are attached all crossbeams supporting bars and the like - depending on the model.
  • installation legs.They can be mounted directly to the lid or to gather in a single frame, with mounting bars.
  • Final assembly of the whole structure.


Once mounted the stool, it is necessary to give a "commodity" form.As well as than to treat the surface, determines the master.His hands is done in basically sandpaper or using a special nozzle that is inserted into the socket E / drills.

External registration

Here the main adviser - own fantasy.Varnish, stain, paint - enough options.

author deliberately did not indicate any particular section and the length of the bar need not advise a certain thickness of veneer sheets or boards, etc., that in no way limit the reader.If the meaning of the work - where to start and how to finish - clear, everything else is not fundamentally.After all, when something is done with his own hands, a priori means - as I will, and not someone else.

Good luck to you in the design of the home!