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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a reliable multivarku - detailed instructions and tips

somehow pick - multivarku What multivarka is a reliable assistant for any housewife, has no one to explain is not necessary.As well as telling all its advantages - uniformity of thermal influence around the "boot" volume, automatic operation and much more - it is written enough.But on the question of the correctness of the choice of an optimal model of disputes continue endlessly Multivarki.

This is understandable, because each of us - their priorities.But to know the main criteria for assessing liked Multivarki "usefulness" is necessary if only because the money for the purchase were spent.


On the one hand, the higher the rate, the better.More powerful multivarka saves our time, because the cooking process takes less time.These models are suitable for people who value every minute or unable to spend on cooking.For example, if the schedule is such that home have to go back quite late and have no strength nor the desire to fuss in the kitchen.

eleven At the same time, powerful models and has a significant drawback - they

differ increased power consumption.Given the constant increase in tariffs - an important factor.So say those who believe that multivarka low power more economical.But that's as far as they are right, if we take into account the fact that "small" model trains longer, and all this time the e-mail / counter continues to "cheat"?

There are a number of considerations about power.On the power and influence the program, which has chosen the hostess, and the amount loaded in multivarku products.That is why the uniquely tell which device is the optimal power, you can not.

Practice shows that for a person who works (and therefore has no opportunity during the week to spend time on a variety of dishes), it is enough to be a model in the 0.8 - 1.2 kW.For Housewives is in principle not important.Set the desired mode - and go and do other things.

type Multivarki

other words, that it is "focused"?Cheaper models are limited, for example, may only boil and simmer.It is clear that the more programs (and therefore functions), the higher the cost.

There can be only one recommendation.It is necessary to carefully read the description Multivarki and determine whether all its "services" (and there may be up to fifty) so necessary for the buyer?Especially when you consider that these products partly overlap with other appliances and cookware are in the house already.

device - Multivarki

Design features

possible that all the nuances implemented in multivarka design engineers solutions for the user and not of fundamental importance, but still some of them pay attention to costs.

  • 123 Presence knob (easy to carry).
  • volume of the cup.The passport he indicated overall.To have an idea about the real figures, this number should be reduced by about 500 mL.For a family of 4 people capacity for 4 - 5 liters would be sufficient.
  • coating (material) of the bowl.More reliable - marble coating, ceramics.Teflon does not last for long. Best of all options - "stainless steel» .By the way, the cup can be purchased separately.
  • Multivarki cover and valve outlet steam.If they are removable, it makes it easier to care for the instrument.
  • lower part of the product.If the surface (countertop) multivarka slides, it is not certain that one day this will not lead to an accident.
  • Availability "condensate".In some models, it is not, so sometimes (depending on mode) will have to clean up the puddle on the table.
  • how to perform the power cord?It can be either non-removable or attachable through the slot.In terms of convenience, there is no difference, but in terms of maintainability Multivarki - large.The most common fault cord - "nekontakt" in the fork ( "burnout") or wire break next to her, because in this place it is often subjected to a maximum excesses.

Fork, unlike members of the "Soviet" version, will not work to understand - it is cast.If the fuse wire, you can, of course, a piece of trim and "increase."But hardly any owner want to have a prospect in the kitchen fashion multivarku with cord rewind the tape.

Even when buying the product is to ask whether there is a sale of such a "spare part".But usually, they do not happen.Hence, it is necessary (and will be) to pick up a suitable (for jack) from any other device.

  • Touchscreen.As he performed, it does not matter - big or small, what color lights up, and so on.The question - whether to display all the characters in it are clear, otherwise then it is necessary not only to cook, how to solve puzzles.



multivarka Each has a number of "services", which greatly simplifies the work of housewives.It makes no sense to list them all, as they can vary by manufacturer.Yes, and designers constantly make improvements to their products, so it is impossible to keep track of everything.About the availability of specific functions can be found in the passport Multivarki.But some prefer to stay more.

«Delayed start» .This option is implemented in 2 engineering solutions. Option 1 : hostess sets the time after which the device must be involved in the work.Option 2 : enter the time parameter that determines when the cooking process to end.A very handy feature that lets you take care of business even outside the home.

«heating» .For example, at the time when the dish is ready, the family did not have time to sit at the table.This option allows you to automatically maintain a certain temperature of the food, and its additional heating is required.

«Emergency Start» .If suddenly "the lights went out" (and in the countryside it is not uncommon), when you restore e / supply multivarka resumes itself.

All other modes - "fryer", "sterilizing" and others - at the buyer's discretion.


on various sites you can find a lot of information about the benefits multivarok of a firm.Of course, the "brand" - an important indicator.The quality of a product is checked for years.But properly guided when choosing Multivarki only one "name"?

practical question - "if that" someone will eliminate the problem?The same «Panasonic» over there, and we with him multivarka - here.From this position, you need to immediately clarify who this settlement provides the / maintenance product?This expert consultation and warranty (post-warranty) repair.

If a well-known manufacturer in our city there is no official representative, whether or not to purchase such multivarku, even if it is the best from all the rest?As they say, information for consideration.

The article presents only the main selection criteria, which are of practical importance.But everything else - color, shape, height, and so on - at the discretion of the reader, because these parameters are not critical, and the single "recipe" can not be given.