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August 12, 2017 18:05

Highlights process landscaping house with their hands

One of the main differences between a private home and 'flats' that the owner is the owner of the adjacent territory.Consequently, its improvement in the literal sense - in his hands.The options are so many, and to recommend any particular "scheme" for a number of reasons why it makes no sense.

First , portions sizes - different, it means that many households to realize the wishes just will not work for quite objective reasons.

Second , this fully applies to the financial capacity of the owners.Some can afford to carry out large-scale work, but someone will have to limit ourselves to only the necessary minimum.

consider all possible options literacy improvement (including, and decorative) of territory, and that it is appropriate for a particular land plot, the reader decides himself.The main thing - to identify "the direction" of thought, everything else - private fantasy.

Where to start? This is perhaps the most difficult question.And it's not what you need to mark territory and to take up the

shovel.Does it make sense to align all smooth and if you can use some features of the relief with the greatest benefit for design territory?The same applies to plants, if they are available.


What is recommended?

  • Inspect the entire area and, if necessary, make the appropriate measurements (at least approximate) - height differences, the size of recesses or mounds.
  • Create site plan showing all its characteristic features.
  • Spend time and study all available materials on the subject;focus - images with the images of a particular area, the article on landscape design.
  • And quite logically - to organize garbage collection and all the excess.Then it will be seen the most complete "picture."

After these pre-made activities and will be a really good idea and well implemented.


fact that the house is connected to the highway, is one thing, the fact he and residential.But how to be with the whole site?With its curtain with eyeliner "thread" to the arbor, summer kitchen, garage or other facilities, even if they are still not, but in the future it is planned to build something.This work is designated under №1, not least because it would have to deal with, though small, but the earthworks, since hardly anyone want pipe laying on the ground.And in terms of longevity runs it is not the best option.

Outdoor - lighting - house


It is necessary not only for ease of movement on the site at night, as many believe.Well thought-out arrangement of fixtures - one of the components of the overall home security system.Some lighting fixtures are mounted on stands or poles, so this kind of work related to the "digging", it is desirable to combine with piped water.Pro street lighting for the house we wrote here.

tracks and platforms

With the first design elements clear.They are not necessary for beauty first.Their task - to prevent the stripping of topsoil throughout its deformation after rainfall.The traces that we leave, is difficult to eliminate after drying, and often do not work right away.As it all leveled?And does it make sense to do this almost after every rain?

Buy ready-made tile patterns (if you focus on the period of operation, the quality) is quite expensive.This is where the need "their own hands."For information on how to make the tiles at home, and at little financial cost, describes in detail here.

paving stone

Now directly on sites.Even if there is a garage, the site should be landscaping in front of his gate.This does not necessarily make concrete way.There are special materials that can be mounted on the ground and the weight of passenger cars are well maintained.This lawn geogrid - read more.

should not forget about the kids.What to put - swing, house, ladder, horizontal bar - is another question.But build such a place, even in the area of ​​modest size, to be sure.Tips on how to do this can be found here.



About a fence around the perimeter of not talking.Without it, sometimes even not started construction.But in some parts of the local area is required to differentiate - to arrange a flower garden (a bed), make tracing tracks.There are many options, but you can well do, which is difficult to mount without curbs and price "bite".Sales, plastic products, and they are "penny".So called - a decorative fence.In fact, this lattice sections with "legs", which is enough to stick in the ground and thus lend a "tape", and changing its configuration in any way.The range is huge, for every taste.


Another option - a hedge.More about it in this article describes.We note only that such a barrier will require periodic maintenance, and hence the time.Therefore, for an amateur.

Additional objects

What is meant - gazebos, barbecue, swimming pool, Alpine hills.But this is for large dimensions of the site.Although for small houses adjoining areas can find a way out.For example, a frame mountable / demountable pool, small barbecue, figurines, lattice structures made of thick wire and so on.A good host and he will think how to diversify leisure.



Only a few general recommendations:

If you want something to drop, do not need to look for anything exotic to the whole neighborhood was surprised.Yet the fact that imported from another region of the plant (seedling) accustomed.And not only in climate, but also in the composition of the soil.That's it, and need to be guided.

should take into account the prospect.The tree will grow, and then what?Would not it his crown completely obscure the windows, and even have the afternoon to light the lights in the house?And the rest of the plant?It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the root system.If close to the structure, the foundation, and not destroy, but with the waterproofing will have serious problems.