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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make automatic watering lawns and plants with their own hands - mechanical components and installation

With the complexity of plants watering encounter almost all vacationers.And above all, it is caused by the inability to conduct it regularly, "scheduled".We do this only during a routine visit to the site.And most of us are, as a rule, lacks the time, especially those who have not yet retired, or has no personal cars.After all, in addition to walking and switch shut-off valve, to shift from the garden hose in the garden or watering them from a watering can, there are many other cases.

irrigation area using the automation system - excellent solution to this issue, regardless of whether there are water shortages or not.Even if there is no independent source (own borehole or well), but there is capacity, which previously recruited water - the scheme will work.But for all its benefits fully automated watering the lawn or plants it has a significant drawback - a set of equipment is quite expensive.

For a small portion of sizes 5 - 6 acres on its purchase will have to spend about 40 000 rubles as a m
inimum.If the installation of "turnkey" - plus the at least ½ of the equipment price.


way, the design of the system is likely to have to pay for separately, and the preparation of documentation for the estimated cost is quite expensive.Many will agree to lay out that kind of money for the irrigation of a small suburban area?This is a weighty argument in favor of the fact that it is better to do with their hands, and a little bit easier.

In this case, under the automatic irrigation is meant the partial automation of the process that requires the mandatory presence of a person for at least a portion, because somebody has to turn the switch on the power board and run the pump station.Automation for the full house, taking into account the costs and the need for services is hardly suitable for families with low incomes, and those among gardeners - the vast majority.

Preliminary calculations

What area is designed for automatic irrigation?On the plot are planted and grow a variety of plants, so there is a reasonable question - and they all require frequent irrigation?After all, this is directly dependent on the overall cost of construction of the entire system.

It is therefore necessary to make a detailed diagram to scale, and highlight areas intended for artificial watering.

  • defined difference in height in certain sections of the route.
  • Taking into account the loss of pressure in "Threads" in the pipeline, depending on their length.
  • calculated diameter pipes for each irrigation line (if there are several, and sprinklers are installed various types).

appropriate equipment is selected only on the basis of these data.But for those gardeners who are still thinking only equip an autonomous water supply system with a pumping station.How to do it, you can read here.Therefore, proceeding from the fact that it is we always have, and if fully meets all our needs, then this would be sufficient for watering.


What to consider

One of the conditions of quality irrigation - its uniformity.Therefore, all areas which are covered by separate sprinklers must completely overlap.Such devices (sprinklers) are of two types - static and rotary.

first suitable for small areas, up to a length of 5 m, and the price starts from 92 rubles / pcs .These plastic products work on the principle of the fountain, which spurts out and irrigates the land within a certain radius.

second can handle more than the overall area, as they have a greater range due to the rotation around the axis.They are more expensive - from 740 rubles / pcs .


And here the question arises - how to better and cheaper to make automatic watering?Buy static sprinklers, but they need a lot of + tube that to them will have to fail for a large area.And it is not only the additional cost of materials, but also some disadvantages (too many hoses in the territory is unlikely to suit any summer resident).Therefore, each host decides for himself what to buy, in accordance with the circumstances.As an option - some alone, and some - other.And each "thread" only to put the same type of product!

pressure in the line.This is true for suburban areas with centralized water supply.Will there be enough pressure to ensure efficient operation of sprinklers?You may need to install additional pump that increases the pressure.All sprinklers

disperse liquid in a circle, depending on the radius.Therefore, they have certainly at the corner points of the selected area, otherwise these places will remain de-moisturized.In addition, each sample is characterized by a radius of irrigation.But since the pressure across the length of the tube decreases gradually, the latest line to the sprinklers will process several smaller portions.That is why even in the charting area pre-determined locations sprinkler arrangement.

To mark the zone, only need a compass.But here the distance between its legs should not correspond to the radius given in the data sheet of the device (it at maximum pressure), and a lesser value, considering that the pressure along the pipe gradually weakens.

What is needed

Filters (in addition to those already established in the autonomous water supply system) for polishing.What are they needed for?The water from the sprinklers (sprays, sprinklers - these are different names of the same product) comes out through tiny holes.Thorough cleaning it - a guarantee that they are not clogged sediment remains in a liquid.

pressure regulators (if necessary, if different sprinklers installed on site).The fact that for each type of product requires a certain water pressure.Here with the help of these devices, and it is regulated by each "thread".

Sprinklers .With them, it is clear - they are sprayed with water.Everything else is stated above.

Controllers + e / the magnetic valve .These devices pose if performed alternately watering individual sectors.For example, if a large portion, but not enough pressure system.Using controllers to switch the irrigation in the zones, although sections 5 - 8 acres it does not matter, all the more so, as a rule, regular watering needs no more than 80% of the territory (the rest - a place in the house, shed, etc.).

The circuit - mounting - sprinklers

Pipes .The question is also difficult.How to feed them?If only for a while, it is possible to manage and flexible hoses.But when the highway equip overhaul without dismantling the winter, how to put her - in the ground or above the surface?Not everyone knows that such a popular name for the pipe as "plastic" is generalized.These products come with plastic, polypropylene, or polyethylene (the cheapest).So before you buy a pipe, it is necessary to compare the characteristics of a particular type of product with further conditions for its operation and installation.This can be read here.

Practical advice

For owners of small suburban areas all automation can be greatly simplified, and not a "puzzle" of the various technical solutions.In principle, the scheme is simple: the pump - pipes - sprinklers.The main thing - to build the required number of tubes (for directions), install a tee (or crossbar) and ball valves.Suffice it to only occasionally one open and the other closed, thereby diverting the flow of water to a certain "thread" of the system.

not need a lot of time for such change (only a couple of minutes), and while the owner is in the country, to irrigate the entire area evenly.So invest only have sprinklers, pipes, taps and valves.And it will cost inexpensive.

If you understand the meaning of self-avtopolivom site, the installation complexity is not a system.I would like to warn those who want to fully automate the process.For the system to work stably, it is necessary to determine compliance with the many options and choose the appropriate equipment.For example, the pump power, the diameter of the pipe, the length of line, characteristic of sprinklers, pressure loss in the "Threads" and the like.All this requires professional education and practical experience.

For owners of small plots, which is quite able to water and using a watering can, and enough of those recommendations, which are set out above.And spend a lot of money and arrange on a few acres of the complex automatic watering system is hardly advisable.