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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a smart house with his own hands - options schemes and control devices

Intelligent system for a variety of utilities and control devices that increase the degree of comfort under the title "smart house", has many advantages.Its installation all the more necessary, if some households there are people with disabilities, the elderly, who find it difficult to use common elements of technical circuits (eg, switches).

But whether all as simple as advertisers would have us believe?The fact that "our experts quickly" and so on, of course.But before you start (especially) for independent installation of smart home elements of the scheme, it is necessary to take into account a number of important points.

First , the terminology of "smart home" is applicable to everything that is subject to "automation".Even a simple lighting control installed only in one room - a sign of the presence of a dwelling element of such a system.Therefore, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the specific goal that we pursue.

House number 1 What we need - to control household appliances via one of the elect

ronic "brain center" open gate leaf on a suburban area, to provide automatic on / off street lighting (and so on)?There are many options, but such an approach will help to optimize costs.And they can be significant.

Second , should assess their skills.Few know something, you should still be able to perform various technological operations with their own hands, without any help.

Third , from which to collect the scheme of "smart home"?On sale is a ready-made kits, but they cost enough (especially imports) is high.In addition, subject to whether the repair (if so, what it will cost) components and will be possible to work together to provide elements from different manufacturers?

In some cases it is more expedient to buy everything you need to mount in retail and in the general scheme controlled by the PC.Computer now there is practically in every home, but it will be a little longer, but at the same time and cheaper.

In principle, 35 000 - 40 000 rubles, you can meet.If the pay masters services, it is necessary to multiply the indicated amount of approximately 1.5.

Another version control - from a single console with the ability to program various options.


And the main thing.Much depends on the deterioration of the system E / supply.Before planning a large-scale improvements, you need to calculate how much will increase the load on the "line".Will its wiring capacity to meet all our needs and desires for comfort improvement?And if you have to deal with relaying cables (wires), then what will be the total value of such an event?It is this factor, as a rule, and often limits the "appetite" of the owner of property in terms of the degree of home automation.

therefore consider only some versions of schemes that can be used to control anything.


In principle, it is one of the easiest ways to improve the usability of residence.Enough to buy a dimmer (control unit), and it is easy to mount.Such products are classified not only by the maximum load, but also a method of placement.Three main options - directly in the lamp on the wall (in registration with switch) or distributor (power) panel.More details about these instruments described here.

With the help of this device is governed by the degree of ambient light, thus eliminating the need for a different lamp, wall lamp, and the like.By the way, they also can be controlled curtains (blinds).

If the chain include motion sensors, the light will turn on when entering the room.Their installation and configuration has a number of features, so the details about them, read this article.

smart House

Engineering Systems

Primarily, heating and forced ventilation.By installing the appropriate sensors (humidity, temperature), placing them correctly, the owner may, for example, remotely include underfloor heating, adjust the position of the window sashes.The possibilities depend only on the degree of automation and the quantity involved in the scheme of appliances, up to the boiler (if it is not programmable).

protection system

ensure 100% safety of the home is not able to neither of the schemes, that there would not have argued advertisers.Their purpose - to sell, and our task - to first consider all.How to minimize the risks of unauthorized access?It is necessary to determine the most "dangerous" from this point of view sites.Perhaps enough to "protect" only 2 of them, and can be - to put such "barriers" on all windows and doors, combining them into the general scheme.Selecting appropriate sensors big - movement, presence and number of others.

list all possible systems - a waste of time.The range of the product concerned significantly, operation of each model has its own characteristics.One of the easiest options is shown in the general scheme:

House 2

That extended completion with increased functionality.

The House 3

But what to choose for your home - at your discretion, dear reader.