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August 12, 2017 18:05

Instructions for getting permission for construction of a detached house

To start building a house, the first thing you need to permission.How and why to do it and what documents are needed - these questions we will answer.

Why do I need to register?

Many such permission seems unnecessary red tape, a manifestation of bureaucratic administrative system.But it is not so - it is necessary in order to verify compliance with the future home of the following criteria:

  • safety requirements of residence;
  • main architectural style prevailing in the locality;
  • safety for the environment and infrastructure of the village.

The essence of the document is that it confirms the full compliance of the project with all the requirements set by the state legislative acts, the Town Planning Code, Land Code, building codes (SNIP), state standards (GOST), as well as the regulations of local governments.


always necessary to obtain a permit?

If you want to build your house on a country site, the resolution is not always necessary.The fact that the garden plots are of two types:

  • Land directly intended for individual housing construction. Here you can build not only the non-permanent buildings (garage, sauna, gazebo, shed, etc.), And capital structure.Official authorization for the construction you do not have to get if the house is not above three floors, and there are going to live yourself and your family.You will only have to register officially already built a house, and then make plans to BTI, and finally put it into operation.
  • Lots intended for organization of private farming. It shall come into force certain restrictions on construction.If the site is located within the boundaries of settlements, then here you can build a house (for permanent residence with a possible design registration) or residential building (for seasonal residence without issuing a residence permit).In this case, you should be sure to issue the necessary documentation and comply with all regulations and standards.If the site is located outside the settlement, for example, in the field, here you can not build any permanent structures, maximum - a small shed or hozblok.

What documents are required?

For permission apply to local governments, which draw up the corresponding application.But first need to collect documents that will need to make this statement:

  • Build- private - house - 2 ruling administration to provide land for individual housing construction;
  • section passport;
  • master plan;
  • contract of sale;
  • act on the establishment of land boundaries.

Consideration of application and attached documents usually takes about 10 days.After that, a decision of the head of the administration, to allow or deny the construction of the house.If approved, the project should be a passport of a private house, which is composed of:

  • ruling head of administration;
  • proof of your rights to the land (the contract will, donation, purchase and sale);
  • copy of the appropriate planning documentation of the master plan;
  • situational plan;
  • elevations, floor plans, sections;
  • TU connection to the engineering networks with the scheme;
  • act on the establishment of land boundaries.

0015 in a separate folder to collect documents for the project of individual private house, consisting of a contingency plan, Surveying site master plan area with location, the basement plans, floors, roof system and roof, the roof, foundation, elevations, sections,explanatory note, estimates, drawings, engineering systems.

All documentation can be arranged by contacting the design and construction organization or to a private architect, he also helps be agreed with the sanitary-epidemiological, fire, public utilities.The project is certainly consistent with the chief architect of the district.

permission to build a house issued for up to three years.If during this time the house was not built, the period can be extended by submitting an application.