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August 12, 2017 18:05

As a self- reinforce the foundation of a private house - 6 Ways

7 Sooner or later, and with the problems of individual homeowners have to face.There are several methods to solve it, but many of them are difficult to achieve self-holding operations.This is due to the complexity and technology, and the need to use a variety of means, and with the presence of a certain experience in this area.To carry out such activities in most cases can be done only to employees of specialized organizations that have everything you need to carry them out.

Therefore, we consider only the most simple options to strengthen the foundation for which all operations can be performed independently.Especially considering the fact that, as a rule, people experienced in this matter, is not among the owners of old houses.After all, this kind of work have to deal with extremely rare, only a few.Since in most cases the individual developers prefer to equip their home under the foundation of the belt type, and then dwell on it.

General recommendations

  • Strengthening tape carried out in stages.
    In case of partial repair of selected section of a length of 3 m, and only after its full readiness work is done on the next.
  • If there is an uneven settling of the structure (skew), you should start from the most "sagging" of the wall.

scheme - 1 Strengthening the foundation is done for various reasons.Basically, this is done by increasing the number of floors at home (such as the regeneration of the attic rooms).In some cases, it is used as a basis for the erection of walls (after dismantling) of the other heavier materials.But sometimes the need for this work due to its partial destruction.To choose the best way to gain, you need to figure out what caused the structure imbalance, the appearance of cracks in the film and so on.

not always necessary to strengthen the foundation of the whole, throughout the tape.Sometimes, just enough "point," "small-town" gain on one particular area.That is why the structure should begin with the diagnosis, but inexperienced owners often make the mistake of neglecting it.As a result, the low efficiency of such interventions and a waste of time and money, because in just a short period of time would have to come back to this issue.


perimeter sense to describe the method - "encircle" the entire foundation (for the entire length of the tape), an additional construction.It is the simplest and least costly.

angles Strengthening

They digged, which are near the burrow pit and excavate the entire depth of the ribbon tabs.Such mini-pits should provide convenience of operation, therefore, their dimensions are chosen arbitrarily, but not too large (with a side of from 0.5 to 1 m).In each frame of bar set (typically 10 - 12 mm) of appropriate dimensions.The main condition - the ends of the armature must go beyond its size.This is necessary for further bonding with other designs.

Ukreplenie_fundamenta5 necessary to provide reliable bonding of old tapes with the new.This is done using the same reinforcement pieces, which are set in the amplified monolith.Naturally, it will have to produce drilling pits.After such preparation is poured concrete solution to the pits.As a result, after curing, it turns out the so-called w / w "bull."

If the wall has a sufficient length, such designs should be mounted every 4 m.

Strengthening walls

The technique is simple.Between adjacent "bulls" dug a trench with the expectation to completely strip the old tape.How to do the job - or just on the perimeter, or sites - is solved on the spot, after an assessment of the state of the foundation and, depending on the objectives pursued in carrying out the strengthening of the foundations.

meaning that the trench is placed a reinforcing cage that holds both the wall and to the adjacent "bulls".To learn how to calculate the valve, read this article.

Next - pouring concrete solution.

gain - basement

Features of this method

  • work is carried out sequentially on each of the sides of the building.Denude the entire perimeter can not be right, because the house can "go."
  • foundation walls are strengthened by the principle of "criss-cross".First, on one side, then - the opposite.

Installation tide

This method is somewhat more complicated, but the effectiveness of such strengthening is quite high.What is it, it is easy to understand from this figure.Though without the help of special equipment (devices) can not do here.

Arrangement "shirts»

It can be as concrete, as well as be a conventional brickwork.

Installing piles

This method is somewhat simpler, as w / w shall not apply plate.

Finally dwell on this issue - always there when a gap is required to engage in such a troublesome and costly affair as the strengthening of the foundation?To understand this, there is a fairly simple way.When a crack is smeared with a thin layer of solution (based on cement or gypsum).You can stick on top and a paper strip.If after some time, this "control print" breaks, you have to do major repairs of the base, since it indicates that the process of destruction continues.for the closing of cracks, we have already mentioned - in other cases, as a rule, it is sufficient to close up the gap solution.

the strengthening of the foundation - 05

Finally, consider the causes of defects in the basement:


underground water reservoirs This phenomenon is very common and is caused by various factors.For example, large-scale construction, deployed nearby highway strip (tube or car) in the immediate vicinity of the house and several others.

In this case, it is obligatory to address the issue of resettlement of drains (if they are not) and reconstruction, improvement of existing ones.The task is clear - to withdraw excess liquid from the base.

ground offset

This happens usually in violation of technology construction and repair work carried out next to the structure.For example, the laying of utilities runs.

Violation of rules of operation of the facility

Excessive loading of load-bearing structures, the installation of aggregates with a high level of vibration and the like.

Errors design and irregularities in the construction phase.With so often faced by homeowners who bought a ready-made home.

spoken reasons, firstly, enable the right to navigate in the selection procedure (what and how to strengthen the base), and secondly, give an opportunity or completely eliminate them, or to minimize its impact on the foundation.

Summing up, it is necessary to point out that if the foundation is strengthened, not because of elimination of detected defect, and for carrying out any work on the further reconstruction of the building, then start work only after complete solidification drenched masses.The time of its availability depends on many factors - the brand of cement, type of aggregate, the temperature on the street, and several others.