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August 12, 2017 18:05

All the features of self-assembly of metal siding

Cabin - metal - siding Before considering this question, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by "siding"?Otherwise it makes no sense to speak about the differences in its various types of installation methods.In the view of most people, this plastic panel that can produce veneer of different surfaces.However, this is not entirely true - this term means any products used for the outer skin of any solid (frame) construction.

It should immediately be noted that the general principle of working with saydingovymi panel remains unchanged.As a rule, all manuals devoted to this subject, for the most part focused on PVC products.This is due in part to the fact that this material is enjoyed by "private owners" the most popular, which is determined to a large extent and its low cost.A more detailed study of the plastic siding installation technology can be reading this article.

Therefore, this article makes sense to dwell on the nuances and peculiarities of installation of metal siding with their own hands.But to better unders

tand the need to deal with its characteristics, since they determine the specifics of the installation.


basis often is qualitative (alloy) steel, which has a two-sided polymer coating that protects it from the effects of weathering.Such multiple layers, depending on the "modification" products.Primarily they are used for preventing direct metal contact with moisture, which eliminates the occurrence of corrosion processes.

This is a big "plus" metal siding compared to some analogs, for example, panels of wood.But this technology causes a number of limitations.

First , during transportation and storage of the material should be provided to cover is not damaged.Even a small scratch will lead to further rusting.

Second , when cut sheets should not use tools whose work causes strong heating of metal (for example, "Bulgarian").Such a thermal impact leads to melting of the polymer layer along the cut line.In addition, the sparks of hot metal falling on the surface of the siding, polymer burn.As a result - in these "damaged" areas with the metal begins to rust over time.


By the way, this is often "sin" many hired masters.They do not think much about what will happen next.For them the main thing - speed operations, and from this point of view, "Bulgarian" is ideal.But the quality and feasibility of such techniques is highly questionable.

Wide range of products

panels have a different profile - smooth, curly (imitation logs, timber);base - aluminum, metal and plastic or steel.They differ in size, and - from 0.25 to 0.5 x 6 x 6 (m), and thickness - 2 to 4 mm.Therefore, all products under the name "metallosayding" differ in their weight.This must be considered when constructing crates (size of cells, the intervals between the rails).More details all kinds of siding described here.

Kriplannya - circuit

mounting Features

Bearing frame

for his arrangement applies or metal profile, or slats of wood.As for the metal siding, it is desirable to use the first option.Keep in mind that during operation all materials under the influence of temperature change their geometry (thermal deformation), and this happens all the time, even for one day.It is understood that the corresponding coefficients of metals and wood - are different.Therefore, a metal siding, mount is metal profile.

Quite often "amateur" builders in selecting the interval between the slats are guided by the parameters of the insulation.And rightly so, as the main types of such materials are placed in the cell.But when installing metal siding should not forget about the so-called "ripple effect" - a sufficiently large distance between the frame elements lining starts to "play".In such cases it is necessary to establish the intermediate rail.


But this technology is associated with certain difficulties.To avoid them, for finishing metal siding structure appropriate to use "hard" insulation, for example, polystyrene plates.But mineral wool, polyurethane spraying are not suitable for these purposes.


This issue needs to be given attention.Metal siding panels hermetically "sealed" have surfaced, and the condensate is released rapidly on their inner side.What does it lead, especially do not need to explain - wetting and decay heat insulator, the base material.Therefore it must be provided primarily qualitative natural "extractor".Optimum clearance (siding - a heater) - 4 cm.

Practical recommendations

  • metal siding installation should be carried out, strictly guided by the instructions of the only takes into account all features of the application and installation of concrete panels.
  • Cutting metal siding needs to produce or hacksaw or electric / jigsaws (with the corresponding blade and some caution).Start at the edge of where the marked perforations (Wizard).
  • All metal siding panels are manufactured with the film topcoat.Before installing them at the place it was withdrawn.
  • To facilitate work and increase its efficiency when attaching metal siding is advisable to use a screwdriver.