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August 12, 2017 18:05

The rules and regulations complete fire board , the desirability of the house

PN to the fire shields (regardless of version), designed to eliminate many emergency situations, we are accustomed to from childhood.Without them, unthinkable any institutions, industrial or other premises, territory.In the absence of this attribute Fire inspection simply will not allow operation of any object.

But there need fire shield for a private house?Or is it a waste of money, no more than a "whim" of individual property owners?Try to understand why you need a shield on a farmstead and how it can help if the house and so, in principle, has everything you need to extinguish the fire?Have a fire extinguisher

Each whether a private house there is a fire extinguishing agent?Small car - do not count.But on the PG it needs to be mandatory, and not even 1 and 2. Often it is enough to eliminate the source of fire "in the bud."

Focusing all necessary in one place

course, that these "accessories" as crowbars, buckets, shovels have any yard.But during a fire if it will all be on hand at the very mom

ent when literally every second?The big question is if the house does not live a lonely man, and extended family.During a fire is no time on figuring out "who take it, I put here yesterday."The fire will not wait.

Also, do not have to look for sand or refractory cloth, which are supplied with the PG.Often they help to localize the fire place.

should also focus on buckets.How many people wondered why they PG cone?

  • This bucket can be filled with water from a barrel soon as it is immersed in it a lot easier.
  • If the fire puts out a few people, located "in the chain", then tapered bucket is much more convenient to pass each other.
  • With a capacity of such a form is much easier to operate if the protective gloves hands.


Lack of water - not a hindrance

to extinguish the fire, it is necessary.And, if the well-known law is currently disabled Vodokanal water supply due to maintenance, preventive maintenance, accident?PG allows you to organize the fight against the fire, even without her make-shifts.

psychological aspect

Most people only theoretically prepared to act in emergency situations.Practice shows that hardly anyone is able to keep a cool head and think sensibly with real danger.Many people are simply lost, not knowing what to do.If the house has a fire shield, then, simply put, even if the "head and did not realize," the legs themselves "run" in the right direction to the panel - the subconscious work.And this is - is half the battle.

order of assembly of the PG and the list of all necessary to determine the rules of fire regime (SPR) by 2012.Availability of appropriate accessories depends on its type.It is painted in detail in Appendix №6 to the document.


It should immediately be noted that the absence (or presence) of an ax is not a violation, since this is a matter of much debate in self-acquisition, or in the process of acquiring a ready shield.But still have him on board desired.For example, knock the door frame, window frame, etc. it is very useful, if necessary.scrap or gaff is unlikely to help in some situations.

For those who wish to understand this question more deeply present the list of regulatory documents, which is wholly or partly reflected the requirements for configuration and placement of the PG, as well as the necessary tools and accessories:

  • SPR-2012 - pp483 - 485, adj.№6;
  • GOST № 12.4.009 of 1983 - Sec2.5.7.- 2.5.10;
  • GOST № 12.4.026 of 2001 - Table 1, pp5.1 and 5.2.

These documents can be found and the requirements for the designation of the color components of the shield, and the order of their numbering.



  • answer to the question, whether you want to install in a private house fire shield can be only one - YES.Although, if only because in case of fire, you can lose everything.So it makes sense to spend a little.By the way, experts pay attention to the statistics, according to which the fires in the individual buildings arise on the order more often than in apartment buildings.
  • Acquisition depends on the characteristics of the structure - the size, the type of materials used in construction and decoration (flammability class) and a number of other factors.Therefore, consultation with a specialist is not superfluous.But at least - a pair of buckets, scrap, boat hook, fire extinguisher, asbestos cloth and a box with sand.

In principle, the PG can be made independently.For example, the product need only open-frame and its lining.Even scrap can be made from thick reinforcement.Everything else is commercially available.But given the price of components, it makes no sense to engage in "kustarschinoy".

shield itself (open) will cost about 645 rubles (wood) and 710 rubles (metal).If it is completed (at a minimum), the value, respectively, of 940 and 1200 rubles (can be up to 6 800 rubles).Price depends on the version (mesh grid, box capacity for the sand and the like).

Practical advice

can not be discounted, and various regulations, which are taken at the regional level.Therefore, it is advisable to seek further advice to the local emergency department.At least, it will eliminate a waste of money (and time) for something "extra", as to understand all the intricacies of even such seemingly simple questions as fire board equipment, amateur alone is unlikely to.

especially count on the awareness of the questions to the seller is not worth it, because its main purpose - to sell.And the professionalism of many of them is justifiable doubt.