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August 12, 2017 18:05

We make a comfortable swing for children in the country with their own hands - instructions with drawings and video

For any child's swing - it's a lot of fun.So let's try to make a simple swing for children on their own, because it is quite easy, if you show a little effort and the desire to please the children.Consider the simplest option - suspended swings on the crossbar.

materials swing

children For side supports can be taken or wooden poles, or thick-walled pipes.However, if you can not use the welding machine, it is better to build a wooden structure.To a swing stood longer necessary to prepare the starting material.He should be well dried, and better use conifers.But in any case, a blank for a swing (columns) you need to impregnate special structures which protect the wood from rotting and damage from a variety of insects.

Depending on how old the children's swings are designed, it is possible to use as side supports or single columns, or triangles of two posts and the crossbar between them.This "triangular" support will sustain a greater load.That part of the pillars that will be buried in the ground, should be

treated with hot tar roofing material and to impose - this will increase the service life of bearings.

Making swings

children On thinner ends of the pillars necessary to cut small grooves, which will be laid pipe - the crossbar.If the top is also planned to put the log as the upper beam, the recess should be done by its diameter.Poles - the support you need to bury at least half a meter.Previously in the hole where the post is inserted, you need to fill up the rubble, broken bricks, and all this good ram.From above it is desirable to pour a concrete solution.If the side supports are used the "triangle", they will be more stable, as it is not subject to longitudinal load.

If laid on top of the log, then attach the rope to be prepared in advance hooks.It is better to make such attachment looping through the entire thickness of the beam, and on the reverse side is securely fixed.

During use swings on these hooks will always act downward force.Under its action hooks will try to "jump" out of a log.To this did not happen, and fix them on the back side of the crossbar.As anchorages for ropes and special hooks are used, which are inserted into the ring.These rings and fastened the rope.


is necessary to pay attention to the seat of the swing - it should not be too massive.Children often do not ride themselves, and anyone rocking, sometimes even just empty swings.Massive seat can seriously injure a child.It is therefore not recommended for children's swing from the metal seat.If

swings made from metal pipes, then as the "rope" is necessary to use a thick metal rod.In no event should not use a metal cable.In the case of a gust of even one thread of a cable that sticking a piece of thick metal wire can cause serious laceration.If the swings are designed for the simultaneous rolling of two people, it is necessary to make a wider seat and take care of the additional fastening of the side supports.

When installing the swing you need to carefully clean up the area around them.Children sometimes like to jump from the swing, so the area around the completed structure should be cleared of all dangerous items.

Beautiful swings for children - video: