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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to install the frame pool in the country with their own hands - a step by step guide

Artificial pond at their summer cottage - is not only a place where you can take water treatments, without going to the nearby river or lake (by the way, not all vacationers can boast such a nice "neighborhood").Even relatively small in size swimming pool perfectly moisturizes the air, so the work on the plot is much faster and less tiring.

big plus frame pools is that they quite simply assemble and disassemble their own hands, also can be installed anywhere without fear of damaging the root system of garden plants.

sale found a large assortment of different products, different shape and capacity of the bowl, with the differences in the individual structural elements and a number of other parameters.Accordingly, there are nuances in installing concrete pools.Details to consider, step by step, how to install one or the other, it makes no sense at least for the reason that when you buy any frame structure along with it we get detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

Still, none of them will

not be able to foresee all the possible features of our areas - climate, soil characteristics, land planning, and the like.That is why in some parts of installation and should dwell, focusing not on "how to build" (here simply - read and do), and the "what points to consider and provide that."If you are interested in information about choosing a place for the pool, then wrote about it in detail here - please visit.

Frame pool

Site Preparation

For many models, is sufficient to consider only removing the top layer of soil and leveling (with its seal).Feature mounting frame type pools is that you have to do concreting platform.In fact, to prepare the foundation slab.

can meet the recommendation that it is a waste of time, and do it not worth it.But tested practice - mounting frame directly "on the ground" significantly reduces the life of the structure.And when you consider that the size of our plots fairly modest, it is unlikely that anyone from gardeners each year will choose a new location for the pool.


«excavation» Dimensions are chosen with the expectation that they are a little higher than the linear parameters of the cup.But the depth is calculated as follows: "cushion" - about 20 - 40 cm thick concrete layer - about 10 to 15 cm Specific capacity values ​​are determined bowl, since the volume of water filled (plus the weight of a person) depends on the base load..

is necessary to pay attention to the correct geometry (shape) of the future concrete platform.In fact, after the dismantling of the pool, it will be in full view.

Soil compaction

feature is that if in the "reservoir" structure is provided below the drain, the site should have a slope in the appropriate direction.Question - in what?Naturally, the pool water should be used for the benefit - for watering plants.With this in mind and need to determine the most comfortable spatial orientation of the spout.



best option - a mixture of sand + gravel.It is quite enough, and the cost (cost of materials) less gravel.


optimal choice - thick p / e film.It is worth inexpensive, and will last for a long time.With the roofing material is best avoided - enough power from year 3.

a place


solution Given the small size and thickness of the layer, you can not mount the formwork.It is enough to carefully prepare the side of the pit wall.But in this case, if the ground is hard.

peculiarity of this step is that it is desirable to load the concrete layers.First (5 centimeters) and above - reinforcing frame.This will save on the concrete, as a general "fill" thickness can be somewhat reduced.Given the relatively small weight of the basin (in comparison to other designs) sufficiently to lay a plastic net with mesh sizes medium (this material is commercially available and is inexpensive - within 55 rubles / m²).

Accordingly, poured on top another layer of concrete.It only remains to wait for its complete drying of the entire depth.As defined, explained in detail here.

to the concrete surface is not "gone" cracked, it should be the same to hide the film, and moisten with water regularly.

pool Assembling

Getting to this stage, you need to provide that the packaging is still useful for the storage of all design elements in winter.Therefore, unpacking the container, it is necessary to comply with accuracy.

What to look

  • spreading a cloth, it is necessary to immediately determine in which direction should be directed discharge pipe.If you then deal with relaying, there is no guarantee that everything will be free from damage.
  • Collect framework is next to the playground, not to engage in the design movement across the entire site.
  • After the cup is stacked near the site of the pool installation, you need to give her time to "lie down".It is necessary, primarily, to equalize the ambient temperature and all the structural parts.

How to produce directly the assembly, painted detail in the instructions, and add anything here there is nothing.


Every normal person wants to save wisely - this desire is justified and natural.What is possible?

  • The cheapest model - frame with "rod" type and a round bowl .
  • Does it make sense to overpay for the presence of complete pool pump?After all, in any country site has water - or the central highway, or independent water supply.Suffice it to make a frame on one of the circuit pipes for irrigation and install on this site tee with shut-off valve (valve).