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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a reliable and inexpensive pump station for questioning - practical tips

Metabo Any system of independent water supply in its composition is "pumping" the device.This need not be a setting, which is called station.For suburban area quite enough and cheaper device - pump.It seems to be - it is quite logical, but how true is this statement?Before we deal with the selection of the pumping station, should understand what it is still better.

First , the water source may be for some time to dry out.All depends on the debit and the intensity of demand.Such specificity is particularly relevant for the operation of wells.Therefore, as long as the "tank" is filled to the desired level, no water will sit.

Second , in itself, no water pump does not provide.It works in conjunction with other devices.If we confine ourselves only to them, it will always have to turn on / off, which is no good effect on the life of the product.It is in such moments, when there is a voltage drop, and going up to 90% of equipment failures.

There are a number of factors, which give an idea of ​​the pump - thi

s is not the most convenient option, although the above two arguments are enough to understand why the pump station is preferable.But how to choose the best model for the garden?This requires detailed consideration.

A. Features

The device pump station device pumping station

According to experts, these parameters and should be considered first and foremost.The fact that the same type of models of different manufacturers having individual differences in characteristics will provide substantially the same result.Therefore, begin consideration of characteristics of stations it is in the nuances of engineering solutions, so it is more understandable for a person not having the profile preparation.


All devices included in the station set, characterized by the presence of the ejector (built-in or "rendered") or the absence of such devices.Without going into technical details, suffice it to note that the latter option is suitable for cottages in all respects.Given the theme of the article, to consider other models does not make sense.

First , the pump will be virtually no noise, and can be put anywhere - he will not interfere.

Second , these models are able to take water from a depth of 8 - 10 m As a rule, the country rarely bore hole deeper (artesian)..If the source - well, well enough, not to mention the open water.

Third , prices are lower than in the more advanced counterparts.

return valve

It should be necessarily included.Without it, the pump will not pump water into the system (in the case above the critical level lowering) and air.

What to Look for When

plastic blades of the impeller of the pump, then the durability of the device can not count.This material wears out quickly if the water is not sufficiently free of suspended solids.Incidentally, this embodiment of the different devices all made in China.



accumulator tank. only advantage - low cost.It is a container in which is placed a safety valve float types.Operating disadvantage consists primarily in the choice of place for installation.The reservoir will have to "raise" above the draw-off points.But that's not all.In the absence of water in the well it is not able to provide the desired pressure.And the third - with leakage in the body (as it happens) the grandiose "flood" in a country house can not be avoided.

accumulator. higher price is justified by the weight advantages of such a device.First, much smaller dimensions.Secondly, where to put - without a difference, at least in the caisson, since instead of the float is controlled by a pressure sensor.Thirdly, the pressure in the system will be constant.

If the country already has a water storage tank inventories (and almost all gardeners it is set almost in the first place), you can buy the station without any capacity to complete - will be much cheaper.


accumulators It is desirable that he was cast iron.Such constructs and stronger and "breaks" a lot less noise.But always with a protective layer, otherwise the corrosion can not be avoided.Steel more looks nice, but the station is not taken to decorate the garden;and then the metal is much more expensive.Plus - more "noise".

Automation In this issue it is not necessary to delve at least because the concept of service and facilities operating in each of us his own.But pay attention to the protection circuit (as provided) is necessary.All the rest - pleasant, helpful, but it increases the cost model.How important are all these "bells and whistles" to give and whether they should pay for - at the discretion of the dear reader.

For those interested in the installation of a pumping station, has detailed instructions.

B. Opportunities station

This question is much more complicated.What to consider?

Features wells (wells)

  • water intake depth.
  • Its static level.
  • Debit (in other words, the rate of filling).

Features pump

plant layout Installation scheme

Someone looks at the power of someone interested in performance.Uniform recommendations of course, not be, since these parameters are interrelated.Basically, all the budgetary instruments at a depth of 10 m will provide the fence.Here it is necessary to focus on the totality of a number of factors - the pressure (column height), tank capacity, the intensity of water use, the lag of the station from the source, and some others.

performance issues worth mentioning separately.In principle, the amount of fluid that is able to pump the device for a certain period of time.But to take the model "with a stock" does not make sense.Firstly, we should not forget about the counter e / energy, which will "twist" faster.Second, the more powerful pump, the faster "will dry" well, and this is not "very good".

What to do?

The easiest option - to talk to the owners of plots in their holiday village.What are their stations are pumps and everything else.From pump water, enough to irrigate or not.Nuances are many, but a common denominator, you can come.

If you need an exact calculation, you have to turn to specialists.Only here whether, given the need that we are not talking about such an expensive purchase like a car or an apartment?Basically, the manager of the store (if he really knows) can help determine the choice.But to do this he will need the original data (depth and debit - in the first place).Who wants to know how to determine the level of groundwater, detailed answer will find here.

Calculate all your own.Sample data: for watering - up to 1.5 m³ / h.As the saying goes, "behind his back".This is equivalent to the performance of about 3 l / sec.The passport of the device such a characteristic is reflected.And in between it is enough to quickly fill spare capacity.

Practice shows that for the summer resident who comes to the site to do just garden / vegetable garden and do not wash, swim in the pool, and the like, enough stations with a capacity of between 0.7 - 1.2 kW.


It is a logical conclusion of the story - to answer the question about how much is "Cottage" model station?Of course, speaking about the low-cost models, it is advisable to pay attention to the products of Russian origin.Among the rare import it occurs that there is both good and cheap.Is that Chinese installation, but it is more on the "fans of extreme sports."

Meanwhile there and our aggregates, domestic, working reliably and, most importantly, the owners did not have any problems with spare parts and repair of this equipment.


vortex Under this brand on sale there are many plants that are different in basic characteristics.For example, model series "DIA-800/19" worth 7359 rubles delivers performance of 60 l / min at a maximum depth of 9 m fluid intake (power of 0.8 kW, accumulator 19 liters).It completely fulfills its function if between it and the source is not more than 25 - 30 meters. What do you want to give?And this despite the fact that food - £ 1 220 (from the usual outlets).

more powerful model (eg DIA-1200 / 24H) to 1.2 kW with a battery of 24 liters costs about 8650 rubles.

And it's only 2 units from the entire range of the "whirlwind".The choice is really big, for every taste.


relatively inexpensive German model, it is appropriate to give.For example, setting «HWW 3300/25 G» .The specifics of that station is the surface of the fence and is more suitable for open reservoirs or wells, although with a depth of around 8 meters will be able to download.With the power of 0.9 kW performance - 3.3 m³ / h.The downside is that set - hydraulic tank.But the cost acceptable - about 9 150 rubles .