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August 12, 2017 18:05

Wooden cottage souls from A to Z : the production of their own hands

especially in the summer heat at the cottage nice to take a cool or warm shower to wash off the dust and fatigue.Believe me, especially if you are built shower in the territory of his garden.

Suburban summer shower, individually and lovingly made, better than the commercially available showers - I can say with full confidence.Such souls can sheathe durable material with thermal insulation (often wood "paneling" siding or board).They are well kept warm, so their success is used in cold weather.This shower has a stretch called the temporary structure.

Selecting a location for the holiday soul

start building your own soul out of wood in the country must be carefully and thoroughly.The building suburban soul must begin with the selection of a site for a shower.The best option, if you build a shower in a sunny spot (for the planned water-heating solar heat).It is also necessary to consider a method of supplying water and drain it.

Shower is a room of high humidity, sometimes it attracts insects.For th

is reason, it is recommended to have the building away from the holiday home, and at a certain distance from it.Most often, the structure of the soul is placed as close as possible to the edge of the suburban area.To dig a water drainage gutter on the site or, if possible, beyond.

cottage dos 1

base and drain

At the site of the planned construction of the soul is necessary to dig a small depression to its base unit.The deepening is necessary to lay a sheet of waterproof roofing material or PVC film, and even better it concreted.Thus, you get a kind of waterproof "pan", which protects the soil under the shower from souring.With the pan water must drain directly into the gutter.pallet needs to be done with a certain bias for this purpose.In order to prevent water from running down a certain distance, you need to dig a trench for the sewer.For use in the shower water can drain freely, it is necessary to sustain the direction of the tube bias toward the pit, or into the sewers of concrete rings, if you have already attended to build.


cottage dos 3 Shower cubicle built of wood, be sure to softwood.Summer shower - a fairly high building (3 meters) with a relatively small footprint area.Such construction is quite unbalanced.To frame walls are commonly used timber size of 100 by 100 millimeters.To build a structure more resistant shower, concreted base timber better or dug into the ground.

Do not forget to prevent rotting wooden beams in the soil pre-wrap boards in roofing, asphalt or prosmolit.Installed supporting pillars of the timber are connected to each other on top of the ligation of the same timber.Keep in mind that the soul of the design should be durable, designed for loads up to 200 kilograms.After top dressing is lower - it will also serve as a framework for the shower floor.In the simplest version, the shower floor is made of floorboard, which was packed to the frame with small gaps between the boards for drainage.

sheathe walls and board.Do not forget before you start to work with wood, planks and beams covered with drying oil, which will protect the wood from moisture and rotting.It is important to provide a window for ventilation of the shower with the door closed.This window will serve to illuminate.

Gray water

cottage dos 2 As the water tank in suburban souls usually use barrels with a capacity of 100 to 200 liters.They painted a dark color, and is mounted on the roof of the soul, as you know, this will allow the water to heat up quickly.In addition, it is possible to lay on the roof of any reflective material (eg, foil or galvanized), which will also contribute to more rapid heating of water.The tank must be equipped with a pipe with a tap and water diffuser.

It is important to think in advance how you are going to fill the tank with water.In that case, if you plan to fill the tank manually, you need to attach to the roof ladder soul.


final stage of the construction of holiday soul is installing doors.It's also not forget proolifit and paint.After all the work on the construction, all the wooden parts must be re-covered with a protective layer of paint.So go ahead - start for the construction of the shower at his dacha, you will succeed.Pleasure freshen up after standing under its own rain, it is worth it.

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