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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make your own birdhouse for birds in the country

When spring comes, we thought that it would be nice to build a birdhouse on a country site.It seems, as all do, it's like a tradition.However, by and large birdhouses are necessary and useful equally for both birds and humans.If the site settle family of birds, it will be the best guarantee that during the season we will not be pestering gnats, mosquitoes, or something like that.

And our garden will be reliably protected from various insects - pests.On my site the past two birdhouse, and both have regular guests who arrive each spring.So I advise you and make a birdhouse - the more it is quite simple.

In the understanding of many people birdhouse - a house for starlings.However, this is not quite true.In such a home can comfortably accommodate many birds, such as tit, flycatchers, tit, nuthatch, etc. The main difference -. In the amount of tap-hole - a hole through which the bird gets inside.Therefore, the story is about the construction of the classical type of birdhouse, specifically for starlings


material for the birdhouse

Material for birdhouse and tips on building

should know that as a building material used be sure the tree.Any than softwood.You should know that the birds will not live in a place where there is a sharp odor.When processing workpieces future internal walls should not be cleaned, they must be rough.Otherwise bird claws will slide along the walls and "lodger" would not be able to get out.

necessary to consider some design details:

  • to the house was not "cold", the board must be taken with a thickness of 2 cm;
  • letka diameter should be done within 5 cm;
  • house bottom size - 15 x 15 cm;
  • height - about 30 cm;.
  • between tap hole and the bottom - 25 cm

birdhouse drawing

Now we need to make parts for the birdhouse: roof, bottom, 2 side panels, front and rear walls.The assembly of the house is better to do directly with screws.Unlike nails, they can be densely "fasten" of each other, and over time this will not weaken attachment.And the last - to attach the shelf (perch), the bird with it could get into the house.

After making bird "home" from the outside is necessary to process the board.There are special tools that protect the wood from insects, rot and cracks of.Then a birdhouse will serve for many years.The roof is better to do a removable - it will in the off-season to get out of the house inside and treated wood.

If you have a desire to somehow decorate a home for birds, the nesting box can paint colors.However, it is necessary to consider two points.Firstly, as stated, the ink must not smell acetone or something else.Birds do not like pungent smells.Secondly, the external design of the birdhouse it's okay to mask the installation site, otherwise it will be the object of attention of predators, including other birds.

If the site there are fruit trees, it is better to install a birdhouse for them.Birds are constantly eating pests all around your house.In this case, do not perch as the birds get inside right from the tree branches.

recommend to watch a video tutorial on making birdhouse in an unusual animated style: