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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to build a toilet in the country with their own hands - general rules

Toilet needs any country site, it is clear to everyone.But the garden plots are different, and are located in different areas.However, there are general rules for the construction and arrangement of suburban toilets, which will be discussed below.

desirable under the toilet to choose the lowest place on the site.And it should be located as far away from residential buildings and from the water source (well, well).We should not forget about the neighbors on the site - so the toilet did not have standing least 1.5 - 2 meters from the fence or hedge.

types suburban toilets

Toilets come in all types, should be guided, first of all, the location of groundwater.If they are located close to the ground, then build pit latrines can not.In such cases it is advisable to equip the mobile toilet with a tub.There are toilets that are also very easy to operate.The simplest and most common type of toilet - toilet with a latrine.

Building Regulations toilet on

cottage for a small family, or if the countr

y is constantly nobody lives, enough to dig a cesspool of not more than 2 cubic meters.Walls obkladyvayutsya brick or concrete masonry.It is necessary to ensure good waterproofing walls and the bottom of the pit.Otherwise, the ground will leave uncleanness (and hence ground water), and a hole is constantly seeping water.From the hole in the hood is mandatory.


toilet in the cottage - 2 House for toilets are usually built of planks on the type of birdhouse.It is necessary to consider how to establish the foundation of the house.If the lower logs or boards will lie directly in the ground, they should be carefully prosmolit, not to rot.For floor board must take at least 40 cm. The best thing all the boards for the floor and wall and ceiling, soak machine oil, linseed oil, antiseptic substances.This will prolong the battery life.

must be provided and the presence of the hinged lid on the toilet.Otherwise unpleasant smell will always be present on the site.You can take an ordinary plastic cover from the bowl and attach it to the wood toilet seat toilet.

When selecting a location for the toilet need to think about that cesspool would have to be cleaned periodically.Then, call the machine from Spetsavtohozyaystvo.And whether it will be able to drive up so that the hand reached for the suction sump?The question is not idle, so think about the fact that your apartment sanitary was a free entrance at a distance of not less than three meters.

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