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August 12, 2017 18:05

We are making the country a simple BBQ of bricks with their hands

If you have a cottage, then it does not mean that it is necessary only to work.Sometimes you want to and just relax, and - relax.And what is "good" vacation without barbecue?Personally, I have great respect for kebabs, and they get me perfectly, that it took to build finally a reliable constant swing.To make it, I decided to Landline, as always "pull" it from place to place, I was not going to.

first thought to contact the experts, and studied all the offers - Forged barbecues, barbecue facilities by Forester, and other manufacturers.For myself, concluded that much better to grill yourself, than to give him a rather large sum.Closely acquainted with the principle of construction of the barbecue, I am even more firmly established in the opinion that it is necessary to do the construction yourself.

first thing decided on the spot.Mangal should not interfere with the "workflow" in the country, it is - in the first place.Secondly, it is necessary to make a "roof over your head", so as not to depend on t

he mood of Mother weather.And, thirdly, it is desirable to have near any water source.Taking into account all this, I stopped at a very convenient, in my opinion, spot.In the corner near the fence, at their summer cottage is a gazebo.Next to it there is a little space, so I decided to make a barbecue next to it.


first thing seemed comfortable when choosing the place - in the gazebo is a small table and benches.So ready kebabs do not have to wear away.The second - near the outdoor water supply pipe passes.Put a tee, the shut-off valve and a bent piece of pipe under the tap - it is not so difficult.The third argument - over a barbecue is easy to install a canopy, if done as a "continuation" of the roof of the gazebo.So what better place and not think.You will also advise you to be guided by the same principles when choosing a place in the country.

material for barbecue

Now the question of what to do.In my opinion, the simplest solution - from a brick BBQ.Iron - it is iron, which means that over time - and rust.Buy stone - again, you have to pay.A well-kept brick heat, heat, and find it no problem.In order not to interfere with the wind, still I decided to fence the place of installation barbecue, to dig the two pillars, and all the cases.

First produced these posts, but it says loudly.He took two wooden beams, soaked them well, and one of each, which will be in the land, even prosmolil.After that, the ends wrapped with roofing material and put in the prepared hole.Pour fragments of brick, rammed - all are safe.

Getting building barbecue

BBQ - of - brick - your - hands - 1

now take up the BBQ.I did not build something out of the ordinary, though doing barbecues and versatile, making barbecue.I built the most simple, in fact, more complex - it is for the frills, and we cook steaks until they are used to.

started, naturally, with the marking: define the contours of the future and the barbecue groove dug under the foundation.Given that the "structure" is not a big deal, not massive, the foundation made easy.Sleep broken bricks interspersed with large gravel, and poured it all solution.Even concrete mixer as warning "pro", is not needed.

old metal trough - the most versatile mixer truck at all times.Here the main thing - to withstand the same level over the entire length of the foundation, to BBQ has not turned out crooked.This is done using an ordinary building level.Yes, before you fill the trench, I put her roofing material to the solution is left in the ground.

now proceed to the brickwork barbecue.Do not forget that I was doing the most simple BBQ.Therefore, on the eve of a good doused all the bricks with water as a dry brick laid specialists do not recommend.The main thing - just to lay the first row.All the rest - in a staggered manner with respect to each other.Of course, each packed a number of level I checked.At the height of the fourth row put thick metal rods between the side walls.I had pre-beat grooves in bricks.This we will roaster.The roof of the barbecue I made of iron extraction, such as those installed in the kitchen, ordered from a friend tinsmith.

BBQ at the cottage

overall roof structure arranged on galvanized iron, attached to the top of the arbor, the top gave the pipe from the hood and set the fungus to the rain poured.On each side is also fenced place galvanized sheets.

So, materials barbecue it took me a little bit, basically:

  • cement;
  • brick;
  • gravel;
  • sand;
  • wooden beams, roofing felt, a little resin;
  • galvanized iron (3 sheets);
  • hood with his knee.

dimensions are not specified, as each will have a place for barbecue, which will determine its dimensions.The main thing that it does not interfere, and was suitable for cooking kebabs.Soon it will start the holiday season, so it's time to do it!First, try to do it yourself, let alone buy a good BBQ you always have time, the benefit of the proposals are now mass.

whole process masonry barbecue can look at the video: