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August 12, 2017 18:05

Compact tractors Russian production - models , types and characteristics

In the Soviet era, the Russian engineering was focused on the production of agricultural machinery for use in large-scale enterprises - state and collective farms, state-owned enterprises in the timber industry.At that time, there was little domestic appliances, having a small size for use by private consumers.Today realities have changed, and Russian tractors are starting to compete with European, Japanese and Chinese techniques.

Scope mini-tractors and their benefits

minitractors popularity is due, primarily, their small size, versatility, low price.

In private farms without the mechanization of labor is indispensable.Motorcycles are needed everywhere: in the processing of land, harvesting, planting, to forage.Large tractors are too cumbersome for such work, too expensive, and their high power will not be used at full strength.Motor-cultivators and tillers, on the contrary, are thin and too small.Therefore, farm tractors with attachments of various kinds - is the best way out.


Have tractors and other applications - municipal utilities.In the modern city, with its dense buildings multi-storey buildings and various facilities, full-size appliances can not work effectively.In addition to its heavy weight, it can cause significant damage to the asphalt surface and lawns.

Great demand for tractors in the construction, for example, country cottages and villas, laying of utilities, landscaping.

versatility and types of small tractors

Based on various criteria, tractors can be:

  • wheeled or tracked;
  • gasoline or diesel;
  • cab or without it;
  • all-wheel drive.

Lightweight and compact, highly functional compact tractors.First of all, this is due to a variety of mounted and trailed equipment, which can be used in conjunction with it.In some models it is possible to use up to 50 types of attachments.

main types of equipment used in the unit with compact tractors: mowers, Harrows, Hillers, potato, weeders, plows, carts, pitchforks, buckets, winches, excavators, drills, blades, cultivation, special linkage for snow removal, etc.

Domestic manufacturers and models of compact tractors

Russian tractors most well adapted to Russian conditions, so it is highly in demand in the Russian market.After all, they are well kept above permitted load, year-round use.

consider some models of compact tractors, which are produced in Russia.


-012 - a mini tractor produced at the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant.This versatile compact wheeled tractor falls into drawbar category 0.2.Its facilities comprise a hydraulic system and two batches of mechanism - back and front, designed for attachment of mounted and trailed implements (snow thrower, rotary mower, etc..).

This, indeed, a good compact tractors can be mounted three types of engines: V2CH 8.2 / 7.8 E (power 12 hp), SC-12 or Briggs & amp; Stratton VANGUARD OHV 294 447 (capacity 14.8 liters.from.).

prices, both on a tractor, and the equipment thereto, are quite high.For example, the mower is 41 500 rubles, which is in no way less than the foreign models.



Compact tractor T-0,2.03.2-1 releases Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.It can be used as a crawler or wheeled.The advantage of this model is the spacious cab, operator's seat, with heating function, good hydraulic system.This minitractor can set three engine models, two of which - diesel.

KB- 03_T02 -CTZ

HT-120 Compact tractors

XT-120 12 hpg.Chehov produced in the Moscow region (the village of "new life".) - "Interagro" LLC.This manufacturer has long been collecting data tractors of various modifications and complete sets, with motors 16, 14, 12 hp



Various models of mini tractors Uralets (eg, 160, 180, 220) in the release of "Tractor" (Chelyabinsk region)..This convenient, space-saving technique can be used in farms, utilities, gardens, parks.It has tracked or wheeled base.These models are used diesel engines, which ensures reliability, durability, power and efficiency.The diesel engine has a high efficiency, consumes 30% less fuel compared to gasoline.The term of service of diesel is much more up to 600 thousand kilometers.

Uralets - 160


wheeled small tractors of various types since 2009 are made on the Ussuri car repair factory.The company offers a broad product line of tractors with diesel engines (cylinder 1-4), with a capacity of 25-90 hp


As you can see, there are quite competitive among the domestic versions of models of mini-tractors.Their prices are quite a large spread - from 60000 rubles.and up to a million.

to private farms, small farms, municipal services, compact, inexpensive, lightweight and versatile mini tractor - is the best way to mechanize practically all types of work.