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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a garden path with his hands - the options of wood, stone and concrete

Beautiful tracks - an important element of a well-kept plot.The options differ in cost, ease of performance and appearance - a lot.

material for garden path

choose the material of which will be made the garden path, it is necessary, based on the total area appearance, finishing the house, rainfall, typical of the area, and the amount that you are willing to invest in the construction.

  • Sand , as usual, and stained, crushed stone and gravel - an economical option for sites that are not subject to flooding.
  • Marble, granite chippings - more expensive and sophisticated version of the track cover.
  • tracks made of natural stone little more complicated in the packing, but will serve for decades, is not afraid of moisture, the oxen, the scorching sun.
  • Concrete Pavement well suited for tracks at the site, if the pick option with the unusual design and colors.
  • Tracks from tree site and give the garden a unique charm.They are appropriate and some of the traditional log house, and near the house w
    ith ultramodern design, depending on the method of processing of wood and stacking options.On them a pleasure to walk barefoot, and they do not slip in the winter.

When laying the garden path, you can use building materials left over from the construction of the house, it will save money and create an original design.

Necessary preparation

Before laying the tracks need to think, what routes go tenants, whether they are carrying on them cars or carriages.From this the width of the tracks, their tortuosity and location will depend.The central track is to make the width of about one meter, the secondary - 50-70 cm Mark the route of the future you can track with a simple garden hose, like only a few days along it, to assess whether convenient..

The easiest garden path

If you come to the country only to rest, and the construction work make you steadfast hostility, but to protect your feet from dirt stillwant, then lay as a garden path concrete slabs of large size.They are sold on the markets of construction, where materials for the construction of the house.The grass beneath them will have to cut and seal the ground.Stack plates need, keeping an equal distance and without deviating from the straight line, then such a path would look carefully, especially in the frame of the green grass.

Robust and reliable track

If you are not afraid to work with your hands and most durable construction and things do in their area concrete paths using the forms of polystyrene foam.Their standard width of 60 cm, which is sufficient for narrow tracks, for a wider passage is better positioned next 2 forms.It is more convenient and faster, if forms handy 2-4.

before work necessary to mark out the outlines of the track using peg and rope.In the markup section removed all the soil with grass to a depth of 10-12 cm and tamped surface.Then poured a layer of gravel or small pebbles 4 cm thick, and on top -. Sand 5-6 cm thick sand liberally moistened with water and form lubricated with machine oil in order to facilitate further taking off and laid on the sand.

immediately before casting, a solution of 1 part cement brand M500, M600, 3 parts sand and 4 parts of fine gravel - more about the solution, read here.Carefully stirring, topped up with water to a density of sour cream, at this stage, you can add the dye.With blades pour the solution in all shapes holes, making sure that no formation of air bubbles.The surface of the tile is spread wide spatula.About an hour later a solution will seize, the form can be removed and shifted to a new location.Along the path you can go no earlier than in 3-4 days.

Decorate track of concrete is possible, having pressed into the surface of fresh mortar pieces of tile, mosaic, pebbles or seashells.The groove between the concrete is poured soil with grass seeds.

wooden walkway

Main to create a wooden track to select the material correctly.Suitable same wood as for the construction of the house - larch, pine.One of the most interesting options, when the track is lined with round cross Spila on the log, and the space between them is filled with fine branches, cut into cylinders, and pebbles.Thickness Spila must be at least 10 cm, and all the wood you need to soak the composition against rot and mildew.

On the base prepared as in the previous case, put in wood, and even trim them at the height of a mallet.They must enter slightly into the sand.The denser set kruglyashi better.The gaps are filled with gravel sand between them, wetting it and ramming several times.The impregnation of the protective structure is updated every year to track as long as possible pleasing to the eye.