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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a canopy made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands - detailed instruction

Polycarbonate - one of the most controversial materials in today's construction market.On the one hand, its advantages - lightness, flexibility, low cost and ease of manufacturing structures and the other - the fragility and short life span.Polycarbonate fits well with modern architecture and allows the sunlight, which determines the scope of its application as a material for various canopies - for cars, over the porch, over the seating area.

tool and preparatory work

For the construction of a canopy made of polycarbonate will need the following materials and tools:

  • material for the frame - metal profiles of square and circular cross-section or a bar and slats of wood,
  • screws galvanized, press-washers,anchor bolts and other devices for fixing, depending on the frame material,
  • polycarbonate thickness of 8-10 mm and a connecting end and a profile for him,
  • paint for exterior use for the frame (wood or metal),
  • gravel, sandand cement to attach the spacers, if the canopy will be installed on t
    he ground,
  • hacksaw or circular saw,
  • drill and screwdriver,
  • tape measure and level,
  • welding machine for assembling metal frame.

Before work is necessary to accurately determine the size of the future design and prepare canopy project, decide on how it will be fixed on the ground or on the wall.It is worth remembering that the canopy size for effective protection against the sun and rain should be slightly larger than the surface to be protected.So, planning carport, you should leave at least 50-70 cm on all sides.


If the canopy is placed on the ground, then you must first prepare the ground - to clear it, and ram the ground, set in concrete or to fill fine gravel.The designated sites prior to concreting it is necessary to dig a pit depth of 50-60 cm for the future canopy supports.Towers and their location depend on the load on the design and type of soil - with heavy snowfall, they should be put every 1-1.5 meters.Installation of metal fixings greatly simplify the further construction of the canopy, as a support to be attached it to them, not in the concrete.


frame for a canopy made of polycarbonate can be made of wood or metal profile, depending on the requirements of its strength.So, carport for rest areas and picnic may well be made of timber, but for a car - preferably made of metal.Metal frame safer, but to build it will need welding machine and welding skills, so often, the construction of such a framework is trusted professionals.

But on the market today have offers prefabricated metal frames bolted to a few more simple profile, but can save on welding.

design elements - canopy

If the frame is made of metal, for the selected profile supports square sizes from 60 x 60 to 100 x 100 mm, depending on the anticipated loads.For suitable profiled tube runs 60 * 60 or 40 * 40 mm, batten 40 * 20 or 20 * 20 mm.

Initially, the prepared pit poured sand cushion, vertically mounted on a level of support and poured concrete, as they can fall asleep fine crushed stone or gravel and pour the cement-sand mortar.For complete drying of solution required 3-5 days, during which it is necessary to occasionally watering water to prevent cracking.

After the final curing can begin to harness poles on top.For greater rigidity, while its largest length or height of supports, can be performed in the middle and bottom piping.


If the canopy will be located on a porch or veranda, some of the racks mounted on the wall using anchor bolts or welding on the porch railing.At the end of

perform arched design for the top of the canopy and its crate.Arch - the most common form of the canopy made of polycarbonate, but the roof can be flat and, most importantly, in both cases, to the angle of inclination was at least 10 degrees, so that water does not accumulate on it.Curved elements is performed by bending tool in the home or bought in specializing for metal firms.crates pipes have in increments of 70 cm.

Ready metal frame treated with anti-corrosion agents and coated with paint to protect it from weathering.Structures made of wood impregnated with an antiseptic and also covered with paint, stain or varnish.

polycarbonate - canopy

Installation polycarbonate

for finished frame is attached polycarbonate sheets.For arched structures selected material thickness of 8 mm, curvature greater than - the thinner sheets should be.To direct the roof, you can use a thicker polycarbonate 10 mm.Sheet bending direction indicated on the protective film when cutting it should be guided as a bent sheet across the air ducts.

Polycarbonate workpiece is cut a circular saw or a hacksaw so that the length of the pieces was 10-15 cm more than the roof.When cutting is necessary to fix the polycarbonate so as to prevent vibration, which leads to cracking.It is desirable to cut the material directly in the protective film, it reduces the risk of damaging it, and further it will be easier to lay polycarbonate film as the side cover which is resistant to UV light, which should be on the outside.

attached to the sheathing joint profile in the joints of sheets of polycarbonate, it is attached to the material itself on the screws.It is better to pre-drill holes in the blanks for a few millimeters longer press washers, paste them, and after a washer to tighten the screws.After fastening the joint profile sheets covered with a lid.Blanks should be located with a gap of 2-3 mm, when heated to polycarbonate could expand.

End polycarbonate edges must be covered with a protective tape or mechanical profile, which will prevent the ingress of dirt inside.The tool used for fitting polycarbonate and fixing profiles, it is better to use a wooden mallet type.

Polycarbonate - rather whimsical to install and use the material, so that only the observance of the installation and acquisition of high-quality material can ensure a long service and good shelter his fortune.