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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to correctly choose the furnace - heater for the bath on the wood - practical tips

n z_ There is quite a lot of heat generators, which are designed for installation in the steam room.Their fundamental difference - in fuel consumption.Each type of oven, there are merits and disadvantages.But if we consider all the engineering solutions in the complex, the best stove for baths one that burns wood.

Before we deal with the nuances of it, it is worth to clarify that such heat sources are stationary and mobile.The first - the traditional version of the brick stove - treat does not make sense, because not everyone can put the right clutch, and this is just one of the significant drawbacks.Yes, and make the necessary engineering calculations are done only by a specialist.But with portable stoves for bath, just talking about the choice of the optimal variant is to understand more.

The range of ovens is quite impressive, but whether their characteristics and properties are critical?Let us leave aside such factors as appearance (design) of the heater, its shape, the height of the legs, and a num

ber of others, and focus attention on the parameters that directly affect the efficiency of procedures and serviceability (maintenance).

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For those who do not know!Stoves for baths stoves called not because of what they have traditionally laid brick, and for the reason that the sources of heat are just stones, of which just below.

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main criteria of choice on firewood furnace


implication heat.No need to explain that it must correspond to the dimensions of the room.If we take the model with lower than required parameter, as it does not swamp, is the use of such procedures will not be any.Well, too powerful not only overtempered furnace air, but also significantly reduce the service life of all materials - and construction, and finishing, and indeed long before breaking space is limited.

If you take the average ratio power / volume, it looks like this - 1kW / 1 "cube» premises.But this proportion is exemplary, as the interior is made with different materials.Plus - a lot depends on the quality of thermal insulation of steam.To avoid mistakes, experts advise the resulting estimated value to increase by no less than ⅓.

type heater

Indoor - creates a relatively low temperature, resulting in the steam turns a so-called "soft" couples (the stones are covered with a lid).Such procedures are suitable for almost everyone.

Outdoor - such kiln can heat the steam bath faster and stronger, but much dries the air.For certain categories of people, there are contraindications, as these conditions for the organism in some way - stress.

View "firebox»

Remote option for the many fans of the bath is preferable as a bookmark firewood, cleaning the combustion chamber is made from a different room.

What else to pay attention

  • presence of the water tank, which is heated during the firing.This model is suitable for the baths, where a separate DHW circuit is not provided.
  • type door.This item is made of heat-resistant glass, allows the monitoring of the burning logs.It has a calming effect on the nervous system, and many fans prefer to bath procedures to establish just such a heater.
  • Design of the housing.The simplest option - a thick sheet metal.Plus - a low price.Minus - an increased risk of burns.Preferably the oven to the housing "multi-layer" (a kind of thermos).In such designs, the surface is not heated too much.But the model, finished on top, for example, tiles are more expensive.But in this case, as it does not affect the functioning.In fact, you have to pay extra just for the appearance.Although it is believed that the thermal energy from these heaters distributed over the volume of the room more efficiently (evenly).
  • stones boot volume.The higher the number, the longer the oven will maintain the desired temperature range for the same consumption of fuel (firewood).

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little about stones

correct choice of the furnace is not a priori mean that the desired effect is obtained from her work.Rationale - not every stone is suitable for use as a secondary battery and a heat source.What


  • best form for a stone - round.But this ideal.In practice, care should be taken (and pick) on samples with a rounded contour.They provide optimal circulation of air masses.
  • pores, micro-cracks - the reason for rejection.Such stones with high thermal exposure are easily destroyed.There are cases when they literally exploded, "shoot", and splinters flew in all directions.
  • recommended size fractions - within 5 -. 6 cm
  • best are talkohlorit, jadeite, gabbro-diabase, a large river pebbles .

Overview manufacturers

Given the popularity of stoves, their manufacture involved in many organizations.But, unfortunately, not all of them can boast of new equipment, trained personnel and technology compliance at all stages of production.Therefore, the market there are low-grade model, which not only provide the desired effect, but will last for long.In order not to "run into" need to be oriented, who can be trusted unconditionally.As an example - the most popular brands.


Finnish «Harvia», «Kastor», «Helo» (last attractive lower cost).A common feature of these models - economic fuel consumption.

price - 21 800 rubles.



According to users and experts, the products under the brand "Termofor", "Dry wind", "Ermak", "Volcano" and a number of other trade marks are not worse than the advertised imported products.

Price - 8850 rubles.


Stoves, question, fueled with wood - this is understandable.But what kind of wood to choose, you should know.During the combustion of conifers on the inner walls of the chimney soot is heavily delayed, and this complicates the maintenance of the system - it has to be carried out more frequently, and it takes longer.Experts advise to lay the heater logs of deciduous trees, best - birch .

for baths situated on a personal site, it is recommended to purchase an open furnace.These products are easy to maintain and economical fuel consumption compared with the models "closed".

to bath to maintain an optimal mode, it is necessary to maintain the ratio between the volume of the room (steam room) and the number of stones that can be loaded into the appropriate compartment of the oven.Can be guided to such a proportion - 4.5 kg per 1 m³.

There is widespread opinion that an integral part of every furnace is a grate.For sauna heaters its presence is not necessary.Incidentally, in this case the wood is completely burned, which gives savings in fuel consumption by about 18%.

Periodic burning stove aspen logs allows THAT flue less, as this ensures burning soot deposits on the internal walls of the channel.

Assuming install the stove with wood, are kindly requested to take care of a reliable and effective extract in the steam room!