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August 12, 2017 18:05

Frame Bath from foundation to finish - we build with their own hands

From which to build a sauna?Many did not hesitate to answer that from timber or logs.Indeed, this material is tested over the centuries, but it has a number of features that need to be kept in mind before construction.The first is quality wood is now expensive, but save on it as a means to condemn oneself to a permanent caulking.Secondly, the construction of high cost due to the need for a monolithic foundation under heavy construction.The third year will have to wait until the room will shrink, and only then taken for finishing work.It is able to warm up soon.Is there an alternative?Yes, this skeleton bath, which simply build their own hands.

advantages of frame construction

In framing the bath has several advantages over built from timber or logs.

  1. construction is cheaper, approximately 2-fold.Savings will be almost everything from pouring the foundation to the purchase of materials.
  2. addition to the material, there is a savings in time and labor.The bath on frame technology in the warmer mont
    hs, you can build in a few weeks.Involve professional team is also not necessary: ​​you can do 1-2 helpers.
  3. Frame construction makes this shrinkage as wood.Trim and you can use it immediately, rather than wait for 1-1.5 years.
  4. properly insulated bath carcass is actually thermos, since the thermal conductivity in modern heaters 5-6 times lower than that of wood.The heat stored in it for a long time, and the slits through which the wind may blow, no.An additional advantage - the modern materials used for the casing, do not burn, therefore the probability of a fire below.
  5. Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation, it warms up more quickly in just 2-3 hours.Wood must be twice as much time on warming up.This entails significant savings of wood, especially if we estimate the number for the year.
  6. frame can sheathe the inside and outside of a large number of materials, so that the bath can be given a unique appearance or, on the contrary, harmoniously combining it in other buildings on the site.



plan for the construction of the carcass baths is important to make an accurate plan, as it will allow more efficient use of materials and avoid mistakes.

  • Before drawing up its need to decide Steam embedded or separate, how many people it has to be calculated.From the steam room sizes will depend on the rest of the structure proportions.
  • Pre-need to take into account the location of the furnace and its type, since it is necessary to fill in a separate foundation, in the case of the brick , or strengthen the floor grid, in the case of metal or cast iron.
  • Consider liner communications to the bath.You decide whether to connect it to the sewer at the site.If the water supply is not possible, then you need to consider location for the tank.
  • Plan the auxiliary premises, as their area and the amount of thermal insulation will affect the pair.
  • advance to choose a roofing material, as it will affect the type and thickness of the number of rafters.


After all these questions answered, you can make a plan.Usually the skeleton bath consists of a vestibule, the changing room, washing and steam room.If space allows, it is possible to equip a relaxation room.In the design must take into account that in order to keep warm all the doors should be opened inside the premises.You can also use ready standard plan, which a lot of the Internet, or purchase a professionally designed in construction companies.

preparatory work and the foundation

As with any construction, erection of baths begins with removal of the fertile layer of soil, tamping remaining and marking the foundation.At this stage it is necessary to lay water pipes, and if you decide to connect to the sewer, and the sewer.

type foundation framework bath under selected based on several factors: the soil at the site, the number of floors in the building construction and overall weight which depends on the material selected for the frame and the roof beams.For buildings with a roof of corrugated board and the frame of the timber on the ground with a gentle heave limited pile or pier foundation, for example, by using plastic or asbestos cement pipes.


materials for the construction of the carcass bath need not too extensive list of materials.

1. To assemble the frame, you can use a bar or a special metal profile.The design of the timber in popularity, so weighs less and is easier going.The most optimal - section 5 x 10 cm for intermediate supports and 10 * 10 for corner posts and two belts studs.The amount is calculated according to the drawing.Boards of 2-3 cm thickness and width of 10-15 cm for the inner casing and the ceiling.

2. Frame sheathe OSB or DSP, preferably water-resistant.Since plating material is to determine the design has as a skeleton racks from each other at a distance of one plate, so that the beam falls on the junction.SIR preferred due to the fact that they need to work with the same material as that for the wood, while the DSP is cut only grinder.

3. As a heater used rockwool (URSA 100 mm or equivalent), fiberglass or foam board.The latter can be used only for those rooms, where there is a strong heat (waiting room, rest room), as the temperature increases emit harmful substances.The thickness of the insulation must match the thickness of the beam used for the frame.

4. In addition to the insulation need steam and waterproofing.Use roofing material is not recommended, because when heated it starts to smell specific.Roofing material is used only for installation between the foundation and the bottom plate and external waterproofing.

5. The material for the inner liner is better to choose natural - wooden battens, it will create the effect of steam in the bath made of wood - more information is available here.

6. Outside Skeleton Bath can be trimmed with a block house, clapboard, stone or brick lined.

7. brick or metal plates to protect the wall and the floor near the stove sparks.

8. Clamps (angles, plates), wood screws, nails.

framework 3

Erection of skeleton frame

erected after completely froze the foundation.On it is laid roofing and logs for rough sex, and then proceed to the assembly of the lower harness belt.Pre-timber should be treated with antiseptic and antipyretic.On how the horizontal will waistrail depends on the evenness of the walls, so you must constantly use a level when laying beams and laying of thin boards or roofing.Between a timber sealed with metal plates, and is fixed to the foundation with anchor bolts.Correct assembly of the waist can be verified by comparing the two diagonals, they should be equal.

walls, inside and outside, it is easier to construct frames of which are going on the ground.The corners and sides of each frame carefully Gaugeable.Details are held together "in a half-tree" and fixed with nails or screws and parts and plates of metal.The joists are made grooves for the installation of intermediate beams.On the distance between the beams affects the width of the material, which is sheathed with the frame.So, OSB sheets for 120 cm wide gap between the beams is 60 cm. Under the windows and around doorways mount additional posts.The frames are attached to the bottom plate and connected to each other.Top collect another strapping belt, and on top of it is placed boards overlap.

Warm walls

Wall "pie" for framing the bath as follows:

  • linings,
  • trim,
  • steam,
  • simple insulation,
  • waterproofing,
  • outer frame plating,
  • facing materialfor walls.


After the erection of frame perform inner lining of the boards in the thickness of 2-3 cm Preferred breed -. Basswood, aspen, larch, they do not rot and does not deform under the influence of moisture.Boards nailed two nails to the vertical beams.As a finishing material is most often used wooden battens, which, among other advantages, enhances the design.

vapor barrier can be used for asphalt or special film coated on one side with foil.The foil is placed in the direction of the room, so it will warm faster.Vapor barrier in the construction of the carcass bath is necessary, as is necessary to prevent the ingress of moisture and condensation from the walls inside the structure.

For insulation vapor barrier is located.He must completely fill the space between the joists and be equal to their thickness, so insulation will be provided at the appropriate level.Next to the beams attached waterproofing, which is used for special film.Assume and roofing, as well at the insulated walls of the heat from the steam will not affect it.

then carried his trim on the outside.Sheets DSP or OSB fastened to the joists.If the project is written correctly, problems at this stage does not arise.Outside bath can sheathe clapboard siding, block-house, or boards to give it a traditional look.


roof and floor

roof can be of any design, but traditionally construct gable rafter with system.During the construction of baths is desirable to provide good ventilation of the roof.If the vertical uprights are arranged every 60 cm, the frame can withstand such a load completely.Insulated ceiling and ubelyaetsya attention, the space between the beams is filled with mineral wool, expanded clay or sawdust.Like the walls, the ceiling must be protected by a layer of vapor barrier.

The bath floor framing is done on the same technology as in the wood, in this description.


Although modern materials have low flammability, is still in the bath used a lot of wood.It is necessary to take into account the requirements of fire safety: the wall, which will be located the oven must be made of brick, it is necessary to lay out the area around it, or close the adjacent walls and floor with metal sheets.

frame technology - an excellent option for those who want to build a sauna at low cost, without compromising functionality and durability.