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August 12, 2017 18:05

Furniture for baths and saunas with their own hands - how to make shelves, benches and chairs


Not only to build a sauna, sheathe its paneling and install oven.The amenities you need to take care of the furniture.Not sitting on the floor of the steam?For someone who has built himself from scratch bath, making furniture for her would be able to do.
What should be in the bath situation?At a minimum:

  • shelves or benches for the pair,
  • hanger and a shelf for the changing room,
  • table and chairs or benches for rest areas.

This kit can be supplemented with another font, lockers for clothes and other comfort items.

correct timber

choosing a type of wood from which the furniture will be made bath, guided by the same rules as when choosing a lining for the walls, which I wrote about here.Wood should be strong, but supple, with a low thermal conductivity (ie, not too warm), resistant to constant moisture.On a material must be free of cracks, chipped knots that of high humidity and temperature changes rapidly increase and will cause damage to the entire product.

for guys is best to stay
on the lime tree or aspen.Ideally, you should choose the wood, which is trimmed walls, so the room will look harmonious environment.Softwood for the pair will not work, since their strong stand heated resin, which can lead to a deterioration of soaring health.

cheaper pine or spruce can be used for a table, benches and hangers in the rest room and dressing room.


Tools and materials

For furniture handy full set of carpentry tools:

  • Bulgarian with a circular saw and a nozzle for polishing wood,
  • hacksaw or a saw,
  • plane,
  • hammer and mallet,
  • pliers,
  • screwdriver or electric screwdriver,
  • tape measure and level.
  • In addition, you need to stock up nails and screws for wood.

For furniture need beams sized 50 x 60 mm and planks of wood chosen.Their number depends on the model and its future furniture size.Before assembling the beams and planks are cut into blanks according to the drawings, are adjusted in size and pare down, if needed.Their edges are milled and sanded parts.

Shelves for doubles

Pollock in the steam room can have 1 or more tiers.The advantage of a multi-stage that the temperature is above the ceiling, and moving from one level to another, the conditions may be chosen according to taste.Shelves are usually made over the entire length of one or two walls.The width of it should be 60-90 cm, so that it can comfortably accommodate people of any build.The distance between the tiers -. 40-50 cm The top shelf should be placed at such a height from the ceiling, to her it was possible to sit.


Pollock consists of a frame and floor, which can be fixed or removable.Removable shelves easy to clean and clear the space under it.The frame is mounted from a bar and strips, fastening them together with screws.Longest rear pillars in the upright position is fixed to the wall, which will be located along the shelf.The next series of racks in a 50 centimeters in front of them at the bottom of the two rack must be secured to a common base, and in the middle of the bridge connecting rods or rather narrow planks.Side racks should resemble the letter "P" with a jumper.

flooring made of thin boards or beams, with gaps between them of 1 cm, so that water does not accumulate on the surface.Between a board connected to the back of the bar, which is attached to the frame.The edges of the floorboards must be rounded, and do very carefully sanded the board as wet and steamed skin is easily injured.

benches and benches

The steam can be arranged a couple of benches or benches, which can be folded bath accessories or sit down.They're going to similar to the shelves, but not attached to the bench slats can take thinner than shelves.They are also well-sanded and rounded corners.

and seat benches and shelves is better not to fix nails or screws and dowels of the same tree.On them it is impossible to burn yourself, as opposed to metal fasteners.

For greater strength deck and the seat can be attached from the inside to the metal corners.Furniture for Boys Do not varnish, it can be treated with antiseptic and stained to give the desired color.

how - do - table - 01

Furniture for waiting room and recreation area

In the dressing room needs a hanger and shelves for clothes.Shelves made of elementary well-planed boards 40-50 mm thick, securing them with screws in place by strong podpolnikov.For the same board hangers fastened flat on the wall, and fasten the hooks on it.The furniture in the waiting room can be covered with lacquer already.It is better to choose the yacht as well as humidity there is still high.


set of furniture for recreation areas typically includes a table and benches with backrest.For countertops suitable furniture panels or laminated veneer lumber.From it you can cut it out seat, backrest and side parts shops.The edges are rounded blanks on the milling machine and polished.