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August 12, 2017 18:05

Make furnace for a bath of metal with their hands - drawings and assembly process

Select oven bath difficult.And brick and metal kiln have their advantages.And yet, if the oven is needed for a small bath in the country, which is used infrequently, and warm-up time a little, it is quite possible to manage a metal stove.In addition, the weld it can be elsewhere, and subsequently installed in the bath.

The advantages of metal furnace include rapid heating of premises - less than an hour.Cools it, however, just as quickly, so maintain its flame will have all the time while you are bathing.The cost of building such a stove is not high, in addition, it can be done with your hands, if you have skills to work with welding machine.

furnace design options

manufacturing metal furnaces lot.There are options for the manufacture of pipes, steel drums or sheet steel, with vertical or horizontal arrangement, with the location of the furnace in a separate room, with a different device heater.The easiest way to make the furnace by a pipe - since welding is less.Its height is about 160 cm and a

diameter -. 70 cm above the combustion chamber will be located closed stove, access to which will be carried out through the door.Above is a water tank, wherein the heating temperature can be adjusted by adding cold water to the heater.

Tools and materials

Oven - of - truby2

for furnace construction materials required:

  • metal tube to 50-60 cm in diameter, 160-170 cm long, the wall thickness of not less than 10 mm,
  • steel sheet thickness of 8-10 mm,
  • metal rod with a diameter of 10 mm,
  • grate for the firebox, especially useful if it is round, and matches the diameter of a pipe,
  • metal latches and hinges for the doors - 3 pieces,
  • chimney,
  • drain water
  • talkohlorit or diabase to fill the stove (they must be free of impurities mica).

All these components can be purchased at major construction supermarket or in a specialty store selling equipment for baths.

From tools can not do without the welding machine (on the choice of which can be found here), and the disc grinder on metal.


for furnace you need to prepare the base, keeping in mind that the metal furnace should be located not less than a meter from the wall.To do this, even when laying the foundation of a bath pour a concrete foundation for the future oven, it should not be in contact with the foundation the foundation requirements for metal furnaces is lower than for brick, as they are lighter and do not require perfectly aligned base.The fully dried foundation (since his fill must be at least a month) placed 2 rows of heat-resistant bricks, waiting 2-4 weeks, and a base for the stove can be considered ready.


Step 1: furnace and heater

metal pipe grinder is divided into 2 parts: the bottom - 90 cm will go to the stove and furnace top - 70-80 cm - in the tank to heat the water.In the lowest part of a larger segment of the pipe cut a hole 20 * 5 cm - it will be ash pit.Inside the tube, just above the ash, welded mounting under the grate.

cut above the grate for the firebox opening size of 20 * 25 cm. On one side of welded hinge of a piece of sheet metal fabricated door with hinges and hung it on a loop.

above a furnace heater.It is possible to cook the bottom of the bars, but it is easier to use for these purposes of the grate.If the bottom is made of rod, it is necessary to take into account the size of the stones, which will be filled heater.The heater bore holes of this size, so that through him it was convenient to pour cold water on the stones.It is more convenient if it is located on the opposite side of the pipe from the furnace door.The hole closes a door, similar to the furnace.

grid or grate on top of the flue pipe is installed, and evenly laid stones.By the top of the pipe section in which the furnace and stove, pre-welded circle cut from sheet steel and pipe hole in the middle.The welding seam must be sealed, because the top will be a tank with water.

Step 2: The water heater tank

In the lower part of the lower section of pipe crashed crane (by welding).Then, this cylinder is welded to the heater.For the quality of the weld should be closely monitored, as it does not pass water.

Top tank lid must be closed.For this circular blank of sheet steel tank divided by the diameter in a ratio of 2: 1 and cut.For the most part doing a hole the diameter of the chimney, put it in the tank and welded along the contour.On the straight section fasten hinges and hang them lower part of the circle - it will play the role of the door.Handle with wooden grip protects hands from burns, as even the pot gets very hot.


Step 3: Chimney

better if the chimney is located outside the furnace, will be protected by a casing of the sandwich pipe with a layer of insulation between the metal.Also it is possible to isolate the masonry.If such isolation is not present, where it passes through the chimney wall or ceiling mounted ceiling-pass unit.

Metal oven heats up, which can cause melting or fire wall and furniture.It is necessary to take care of fire safety and to sheathe the walls of adjacent wooden thin metal sheet or foil with a layer of thermal insulation.Even better impose the furnace facing brick or stone that will protect from burns and give the oven a nice view.