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August 12, 2017 18:05

Species of wood , from which make the best linings for bath

Bathhouse, built of logs or timber, - an ideal option.But with the help of lining made of natural wood is easy to create a healing microclimate and feel the charm of a real Russian or Finnish steam room.

Wooden wall paneling valued for environmental friendliness, durability, ability to retain heat, ease of handling and installation, besides her can hide communication.Different species of wood used for its production, make it possible to make the interior of the individual baths and relevant personal notions of beauty and usefulness.To touch the body to a wood surface is much nicer than the tile, stone or plastic.

main issue when choosing a lining for the interior finishing baths - some prefer the wood, because each breed has its own unique features.


Hardwoods does not emit tar, does not overheat, tolerates high humidity, so the lime, aspen and alder boards in Russia since ancient times was used for plating baths.When choosing a lining should pay close attention to the material inte

nded to furnish steam room, did not come across knots and chips.The first release hazardous resin when heated, but the second is easy to hurt the skin moist.

lime - Lining - for - bath


most optimal properties for the finishing and steam room of any type at all damp rooms has a linden.Molded from it not rot with constant contact with the water during drying is covered with cracks due to the high elasticity of the material.Low heat capacity of lime tree will not allow the burn, although it warms up and cools down quickly, and exuded a sweet fragrance will help rejuvenate and relax.The golden-honey color lining fill the bath with sunlight.


wall paneling , linden in performance alder wood similar to basswood, but exudes a bitter flavor when heated, and over time gradually changes color from pinkish-gray to dark red.It is very hard and is not subject to distortions and distortions, if the raw material for the lining has been previously thoroughly dried.Interior decoration of aspen will last for many years, no wonder ancestors traditionally used this tree for the construction of baths.Plus aspen is also a low cost, because the tree grows everywhere.


when overheated softwood allocates a lot of pitches, the result of the combustion of which is not useful for humans.However, in general, wall paneling made from these materials are cheaper and very easy to process, so it can be recommended for the changing room, rest room, where she was pronounced golden color and texture create a cozy atmosphere.


Wall paneling pine can be used only when protopke electric steam oven as it heats up less room.


Canadian cedar belongs to the northern varieties of conifers and different pitches decreased release.The high price of battens from it justified beautiful texture of the wood, strength and resistance to mold and mildew.When heated cedar stand healthy pine oil, contributing to the treatment and prevention of colds and other respiratory diseases.


Abasha - African exotic in the Russian bath

abashi tree, native to Africa, has a unique feature, which is useful in the baths and saunas - it does not accumulate heat and always takes the body temperature, is a man to touch him.Burn on a shelf or wall sheathed clapboard of abashi, absolutely impossible, even if they are close to the heater.Easy and completely devoid of pods, it has natural light yellow or milky color, which after heat treatment becomes chocolate.

quality lining

Besides wood, lining quality and the possibility of plating bath is determined and its class.There are the following classes:

  • Extra - the most qualitative lining without a single knot and defect,
  • A - wall paneling in this class also feature top quality, on it can be traced typical for this breed texture,
  • B - possible minor swirls and pronouncedpatterns,
  • C - the most low-grade variety with visible knots and non-uniform texture.


To finish paired the best use of battens A-Class and the mixture of A and B, as large knots in case of overheating and permanent change of humidity can lead to deformation of the entire web and the formation of traumatic chips and chips.Wall paneling class C can be recommended only for the waiting room rest rooms and other ancillary facilities.

whatever the choice, it is necessary to bear in mind that the life of linings made of wood and the preservation of its remarkable exterior will depend on the proper handling safety solutions (how to do this, we are told here) and periodic maintenance.