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August 12, 2017 18:05

Make drain and sewer system in the bath - two of the best ways to

sewage - in - bath easiest way to drain the device in the bath - a connection to the general sewerage system.However, it so happens that for one reason or another can not do this.In such cases it is necessary to equip the autonomous system.Experts offer several ways of sewage.How to take advantage of them depends on the location of the baths, the intensity of its use and features the hosts.Consider how best to make the drain in the bath and ogranizovat drains on the example of the two most commonly used methods.

Installing septic

septic tank is a reservoir for receiving the wastewater.He is one of the main elements of an autonomous sewer system.Fitted sink according to this scheme has several options depending on the type of the septic tank.If you put the product on a single chamber, when filling the tank will have to produce a pumping its contents.

how - do - drains

As a rule, it is not always convenient, since it is necessary to provide the driveway for emergency vehicles, and do so regularly have.The most common multi-c

hamber septic tanks are installed (2 - 3 pieces).In this case, clearing the contents of the sewage system is carried out in several stages, and in the application of technology to empty containers is not necessary.However, the need to equip the whole system, which requires, first of all, a free space, not to mention the labor costs.

Such purification system it is advisable to build a new, just mastering a piece of land.Produced laying pipes around the area for use of treated wastewater to fertilize the soil, and even for irrigation.If the area is improved, there is no reason to build such a structure as is necessary to literally dig up a good half of the territory.

What to consider: the organization of the drain in such a way to install a septic tank will be in the lowest point of the site.Probably, and especially to deepen to the wastewater went gravity and the reservoir does not freeze in winter.Plus additional costs for the installation of a fairly complex system of pipes.

plum - in-the- bath

device sump pit

bottom of the pit lined with granular material.You can use river sand, gravel, crushed stone, melkobity brick, concrete block - this Coating acts as a filter.Over time it is deposited on a layer of silt.The wastewater passes through a layer of partially purified.More complete its clearance is already directly in the soil.

Dig the well should be no closer than 5 m from the nearest building to the waste water from damaging the foundation.In the dug hole, it is desirable to lay w / w of the ring.However, this is not always possible, as the need to attract crane.Therefore, usually well obkladyvayutsya wall formwork are installed reinforcing bars and concrete is poured a solution, and the bottom remains free.Although still simpler and more reliable to make a cesspit of concrete rings, as I said.

in most bath floor concreted in such a way that from any point of it was inclined towards the drain, which is set on a grid or grille with fine mesh to delay large debris.

When laying the pipe from the drain hole to the well is necessary to maintain a certain inclination.Suffice angle is 5 - 7 degrees.It is thought that the ground freezes in the winter, and it is necessary part of the branch pipe, located outdoors, in addition to warm.Otherwise it peremerznet and sewerage will cease to function.The depth of the well must be greater than the depth of soil freezing at least 0.5 m.