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August 12, 2017 18:05

How and what materials to warm bath inside - the ceiling , floor and walls .Videos and photos

There are many different variants of the baths.This "flat" design, and sauna, consisting of several rooms: a waiting room, steam room, dressing room, swimming pool.Each builds a bath according to your taste and material opportunities.However, regardless of the layout bath its distinctive feature is the excellent thermal insulation.Any bath procedure loses its therapeutic, healing effect, if not supported by the required temperature for a long time in the bath.It can simply be washed in the house, in the shower.

Therefore, reliable insulation bath unit is a prerequisite.Insulation can be both external and internal, the latter being considered the most effective.This is about her and will be discussed.As already indicated, whatever the design was not a bath, steam room is its indispensable component.And the inside is warming bath steam room should be given attention in the first place.


insulated ceiling

Warming starts at the top, from the ceiling.It is necessary to consider that when choosing a h

eater to keep in mind this caveat: the thickness of the layer of insulating material, which will be mounted on the ceiling, to be approximately two times greater than when installing on the wall.This is understandable, given that warm air rises.Therefore, condensation on the ceiling will be greater.Before laying the insulation is so-called crate.For this purpose, wooden slats, which are attached to the ceiling.

It should be understood that the insulation and vapor barrier - it's not the same thing.Thermal insulation is needed in order to maintain the desired temperature for a long time.Vapor also provides the necessary moisture and heat.

But these activities are not carried out separately from one another.Therefore, work on warming bath held complex, as performed installation and that, and the other layer.

Once mounted crate, you can start laying the vapor barrier.The list of materials is quite extensive, so everyone chooses what suits him.Some experts recommend first pasted ceiling roll paper, and lay on top of the foil.Next is laying insulation.

such as "insulator" are commonly used mineral wool (which is a couple of different kinds), polystyrene and some other materials.

Note.Insulating materials generally available in the form of plates.Therefore, you should first buy "insulator", and then to do crate.Why?

  • distance between the rails needs to be done on the plates size material.It's clear;
  • rails thickness must be slightly greater than the thickness of the plates.

Tiles stacked insulation between the rails.The outer side of the plate to be released from the foil, otherwise the heater will not pass air therefore saturated steam will accumulate.If the plate is already covered with foil, then a separate layer it still needs to be done.This will provide a reliable insulation boards in places of joints.

Next is wood paneling design, in most cases the lining is to fix it, I'm told.Better to use wood varieties such as aspen or lime, they have a low density, although you can use pine.Before installation, the wood should be well prepared (impregnation process).After all, the room is constantly high humidity.

mineral wool insulation


General Procedure for insulation of walls is the same as for the ceiling.However, it should be appreciated that the walls are different.There are log baths, there is a brick.Therefore, for each "type" of the walls should be still more fully explore features of the application of various materials.However, significant differences will not.


floors also are different, and this must be taken into account.If the floors in the bath made of wood, you can pour a fairly thick layer of particulate material (slag, expanded clay).He carefully leveled over the entire floor area.Top fit naturally board.However, the best effect of this warming can be achieved if to "backfill" the top (under the boards) put the plate (mat) made of mineral wool.In this case the joints plates also need to be isolated.Better insulation for such floors is difficult to come up with.

In the case of the concrete flooring is slightly different technology.First the concrete screed (roughing).Heat-insulating material is laid.Apply roofing paper (roofing), IZOSPAN thick polyethylene film.Another top layer is poured concrete mix (finishing floor).After this is done, or a cement or tile floor is laid.

options for warming bath of timber and brick click for larger

discussed in more detail all the features of insulation you need depends on what kind of material was used in the construction of a bath - then the options may be the same as that at warming the house, which I wrote.But even these general guidelines will clearly understand how to make insulation.