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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a two-level stretch ceiling self - instruction

Duplex suspended ceiling - is a truly original and unique decorative design, which is able to hide defects in the basic ceiling surface, to hide from prying eyes ugly pipes and other communications, as well as to make the interior space an elegant and individual.It is allowed to equip stretch ceiling fixtures, as well as spot or LED backlight.

Mount ceilings can be based on the techniques of the pair.The first technique assumes that the pre-mounted on the ceiling construction, which have a special configuration.It occurs between these constructs film tension.The second method is not as complex and is based on the pre-fixing baguette, which allows you to subsequently pull the canvas.The advantage of the second method lies not only in its simplicity, but also that it is not intended to reduce the amount of space that is a very important factor in a typical multi-storey apartment houses.

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decoration and stretch ceiling lighting deserves separate words.If wisely installed on a ceiling spotlights and s

ources of scattered light, it is possible to achieve visually increase the room.In addition, the light helps to hold zonal division of the room.Contents suspended ceiling with two levels of a variety of ways.It is possible to combine the color, texture and even material.As a rule, individual work on the installation of a tension ceiling takes a maximum of two days.

Of course, you must take into account the fact that in a situation where you have decided on their own to perform the installation of the ceiling, the film manufacturer declines any responsibility for the result.Stages of work must be strictly adhered to, because otherwise there is the need to completely remove the design and start work again, either to reinforce the frame.For a perfect tension should ensure that even the smallest detail of the ideal has been fixed in place.


So, the two-level mounting tension ceiling with his hands should be conducted using the following tools:

  • Hammer and screwdriver;
  • Heat gun;
  • ladder;
  • Building level;Specific
  • blades by which the web is secured.

With Punch profile is securely fixed to the wall, and the heat gun allows enough heat tissue to ensure a perfect tension.

In the process of self-assembly is necessary to pay special attention to the most critical moments, including the removal of measures, cutting fabric or film, and also work with gas heat gun.Precision removal of measures is needed, because the slightest mistake will reduce to zero the possibility of a perfectly flat surface.


In the first step you need to take your measurements and make a sketch on which work will be done.Measure should be diagonal and perimeter of the room, calculate the area, as well as to note the point at which are installed lighting.

ceiling mount is conducted by a special profile.Before fixing the profile, you must identify the line on which it will run.In that case, if the ceiling is planned to install bulky lamp (lamps, for example) from the ceiling to the main surface of the film should leave approximately 5 centimeters.Profile baguette-Lock system is being "dowel-nail".This hardware is capable for several years to keep the film tightly.Once installed baguette, summed up the wires and lamps determined place location, you can proceed to the immediate installation.

During stretching you should use angular suspensions.After that there is the launch of a heat gun, whose task is to heat the film to 70-degree mark.Preheat the fabric becomes very elastic and pliable, thereby fixed in the guide profile without any problems.When the web is sufficiently tightly, it can be made holes for the installation of lighting devices.Mounting fixtures and paintings based on the special latches.duplex moldings are installed at the final assembly stage.