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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to embed yourself sink into the countertop - instruction video

Embedding the sink in the countertop kitchen units - the event is not as simple as it may seem.It is not only in the way in which it will be installed, most importantly - how to embed it properly?We need to understand that improper tie-can lead to the fact that due to leaks of water under the edge of the sink countertop with time itself will begin to get wet, increase in volume and deformed.Therefore, the service life of countertops depends precisely on the correct installation of sinks.

First of all, getting the sink, be sure to find out, by which it is attached.The fact that the proposed fixture for sinks is not only different configurations, but also of varying quality.Therefore, once examined whether this type of fasteners securely fasten it "your" car wash instead of washing all.In other words, for each fixture sink model is chosen individually.

first stage - marking

space under the sink counting Determine where on the table under the sink.Washing must not rest against the wall, to be on the edge.But the main thin

g - in his position, it should ensure ease of use.Turn the sink, put it on the table and draw a contour.This is done in pencil, traces of which are then easy to remove.Then measure the distance from the edge of the sink to the mounting lugs.It is the same distance from the line back down the path outlined by us inside it.According to denote get a mark a new path - internal.The resulting "internal" figure we'll cut to later in its place install the sink.

second stage - sawing worktops

punch - sink - 2 Scrollsaw unnecessary part under the sink countertop.It is better to make an electric jigsaw, but it is possible and normal hacksaw followed by trimming the edges.To insert the blade into the table top, it should be to drill a hole in the circuit, close to the line.If the fabric does not fit, the hole needs to be expanded.After that, we start to cut on the contour line.

When sawing, pay attention to the fact that the decorative coating countertops did not experience too much pressure, gently sawing, or a plurality of chips formed on the front surface.However, as I have, and it happened when I first punched self cleaning.

third stage - we treat

punch - sink - 3 edge processing with an end edge of space "drunk."This is done with a file, sandpaper.Align the edges of the holes, the entire end of the grease with silicone sealant.Avoid fluff sealants entire incision line, it is necessary to protect countertops from possible water ingress.

On how quality will be implemented this phase of work on the inset sink, in many respects depends on the life of countertops.Then we put on the sink fasteners, and install a special tape from the kit;thus it is necessary to leave room for silicone fill.

fourth stage - insert the sink in the countertop

Óñòàíîâêà âðåçíîé êóõîííîé ìîéêè. After pouring silicone into the prepared groove, securing the bent parts, the resulting assembly is inserted into the prepared hole.Planting washing should be tight, if necessary, slightly rotate it.Finally, gently tighten all fasteners installed.

remains only to remove "got out" tightening silicone and allow it to dry.Everything we own embedded sink into the countertop, and it can be used.