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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to calculate the cost of dismantling the walls of the apartment , taking into account the additional services

dismantling , brick - and - concrete - wall In preparation for the overhaul of an idea often do redevelopment.If this is only a simple rearrangement of furniture, even the doorways, the problem is, in principle, not a lot.But sometimes it becomes necessary to change the geometry of space, to combine two small rooms into one.And here the question arises as to dismantle the wall and how much will it cost?

important to understand that not everyone can just "carry", as they are divided into load-bearing and non-bearing.Such activities require coordination with the engineer company serving the house and the BTI.

What determines the cost

  • wall dimensions, including the thickness.
  • material.
  • Features.
  • dismantling complexity.For example, the number of storeys, the limited space.In many ways it affects the possibility of using special equipment.In addition, there are in a given place utilities, and more.

not focusing on a specific region, shows the average price, depending on the specifics of the walls (in rubles / m2):

  • brick - 350 or 450 (respectively, laying in a half-brick or 1);
  • drywall - 70;
  • wood - 170;
  • metal (no more than 3 mm) - 250.

As for the w / w of the walls, here plays the role of board thickness.Up to 70 mm - 1 200 rubles / m², in the range of 7 to 200 mm - the order of 1 800 rubles / sqm.



  1. consider resorting to the services of experts, should focus not only on prices price list for certain work.For further services rendered (eg, garbage collection, water removal from the premises, and the like) can be estimated separately.And often, the cost of such work is quite significant.
  2. To take out the trash?The question is not idle.Each municipality set its own rules, determining that it is possible to dump waste in the tanks, and that must be removed to a landfill.Violation of these requirements entails responsibility - a question of ecology.And here - if you remove yourself, where and on what?It invited masters and this work will also appreciate, but how much?Learn more about this problem described here.
  3. If the wall with reinforcement, the multiplying factor applied.Therefore, the actual cost of the work will be higher than specified in the "price list".
  4. When dismantling the walls w / w of its little "break".As render fragments, which can be substantial (and in size and weight)?And here it is necessary to think, cut into pieces of lifting itself (what?), Or, again, to pay specialists.
  5. What kind of "technique" will use the builders?If they will be connected, for example, to the power board in the entrance of its units, it is not every neighbor appeared like power surges.
  6. And most importantly - do you have a specialized organization a license?In addition, you must also permit the supervisory authorities, as many walls are load-bearing.


Conclusion As can be seen from the above, during removal of the walls there are many "pitfalls".It turns out that in each case the price is calculated individually.Therefore, the official price lists do not reflect the specifics, but are merely a kind of benchmark.Plus, you need to add the cost of garbage disposal, because not everywhere in landfills take it "just so", and transportation costs, if export independently.