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August 12, 2017 18:05

Characteristics of plastic pipes for heating , advantages and disadvantages

That compared with metal tubular polymeric samples have many advantages, it is not necessary to explain to anyone."Plastic" I was so widespread that it is familiar with almost every - if not at home, make sure you are mounted on the heating circuit of this product.But they know not all - there are several types of plastic pipes for heating installation, which differ in properties and specificity of use in heating systems.

Except price for 1 lm, metal and plastic products (denoted by MPT) significantly surpass analogues of "pure" polyethylene and polypropylene.What exactly?With this deal is worth more.

Key features and benefits

describe virtually all of the properties of metal-plastic pipes would not be quite right, as many are common to some of the products and polymers.


  • low weight;
  • nonsusceptibility corrosion;
  • smooth walls, and as a consequence, the constancy of the internal diameter regardless of the time of operation;
  • affordable price.


dwell on the characteristic features o

f the MAT is, that is exactly what is reflected in the structure of the use of aluminum foil material.It is easier to understand the usefulness of these tubes in a particular heating circuit.

Pressure: maximum - 15, working - 10 (bar). This allows you to lay the thread line in apartments in high-rise buildings.Utilizing the cheap production of polyethylene in skyscrapers not recommended in view of the fact that at the time of so-called compression joint (verification system under elevated pressure) there is a risk of damage route section.

Temperature: maximum - 100, working - 95 (° C). quite enough, since in heating the coolant to a larger value, and is not heated.Regarding apartment buildings clear - such a "degree" to the house just does not come to that, taking into account the heat on the track.In the particular structure of the boiler work equipment as the temperature exceeded the limit will lead to the banal boiling liquid.

design - metal-plastic - truby2_

required strength.It higher than analogs produced using only polymer.Therefore, when laying the track will need fewer fasteners (you can increase the interval between them), because they serve not only to fix the pipe to the desired height, but also to eliminate their sag.What gives?

  • economy.In this case - not money (such fasteners, plastic same cost pennies) and in time.Anyone who has engaged in drilling or brick w / w of the walls, on the dignity appreciate it.
  • From the point of view of aesthetics - is also a plus.It is understood that the smaller in the dwelling various fasteners, the better.

large range of sizes, which facilitates the selection of the optimal option.The outer diameter of the pipe supplied to the market - from 16 to 63 (mm).

Operating life when installed in heating circuits - at least age 20.

Pipe - to - systems - otopleniya_

The disadvantages of plastic pipes include:

limit bend radius. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, the average value is equal to 5R (meaning the sample cross-section).This disadvantage is relative, since in some cases, only complicates the installation, nothing more.

First , not everyone can get around the corner, bent pipe.For premises that matters, and for the basement - is unlikely.In the first case, the material would have to be cut, and the individual parts are connected by fittings (tees, angles).It will take additional time, and the increase in the number of joints is theoretically increases the likelihood of leakage.

Second , when installing floor heating system in a room with a small size to lay a pipe, most likely, will not work.Circuit located on the floor, characterized by certain parameters, including spacing and parallel "threads."Although this restriction for plastic, as a rule, not for large areas.

«Fear" ultraviolet. This is understandable, since the upper layer - a polymer.But while laying inside buildings such as less significant can not be considered.

installation - reinforced plastic - izdeliy_ some difficulties in self-fastening pipes .If a little "pinch" (a technique of laser welding or connection using ultrasound in the home, as a rule, does not apply), you have to make trimming the deformed part and put a new fitting."Nedozhat" - at this point will cause leakage.So, with no experience have to be trained.That is why professionals recommend beginners to masters acquire connectors somewhat larger settlement amount, since the probability of "screw up" the joint is quite high.


Without her guidance the story will be incomplete.It is clear that the entire price range, taking into account the diversity of assortment, lead does not make sense.So just a few examples that will be guided in the planning for the purchase of material costs.

  • 1 PMMAT - from 36 to 158 rubles.
  • fitting - from 49 to 205 (RUR / pcs.).This variation in prices for additional elements explained not only by the difference in diameters, but also in the materials (plastic, bronze, brass and others).


  • tab_ of metal and plastic products are selected according to the diameter of the outer and not conditional pass, as the metal.Therefore, when buying should take into consideration the wall thickness.
  • Experts believe that MAT should be grounded.Argument - the potential equalization.Is it essential for a specific circuit, only a professional can assess.
  • marking depends on the type of polymer in the composition of the product.To indicate the polypropylene is abbreviated «PP-R», PE - «PE-R».Varieties of the latter: a crosslinked (which means increased strength) - «PE-X», heat-resistant - «PE-RT».