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August 12, 2017 18:05

Overview of the advantages of coaxial flue gas to the boiler installation procedure

d - 1 It should be noted immediately that chimneys and versions do not apply this to all boilers, but only for those who have closed-type combustion chamber.What is their feature?For the proper functioning of the air of the boiler, which provides the normal course of the combustion process is not taken from the room in which the unit is located, and from outside (from the street).

Such heating units it is advisable to locate in residential buildings, especially if they are wall-mounted and installed, for example, in the kitchen.

What is a chimney-type coaxial?In fact, this tube, inside of which is laid another, only with a smaller cross section.Their walls are "isolated" from each other, as the entire length of the spacer elements are special - jumpers.What gives?

Features coaxial chimney


This design solves the right problem 2 - air supply ( "external" pipe) and disposal of waste gases ( "internal" channel).Therefore there is no need to install separate the two lines - "supply" and "remo

val".This allows, firstly, the passage in the wall to make only one place, and, secondly, to reduce the total number of tubes passing inside the room, which is especially important for small rooms.Unlikely to 2 "runs" will add appeal and comfort of working in a small kitchen, where literally on account of each "cm2" usable space, not to mention possible difficulties in planning the placement of objects "furniture" and various household appliances.Coaxial chimney can save a significant portion of the space.

not to take the air out of the room

chimneys Therefore, it does not burn oxygen and eliminates the need for frequent airing of the room.And if the house is located near the highway with heavy traffic (emissions vehicles), next to an industrial enterprise, whose pipe "chadyat" without ceasing, the advantage of the coaxial flue is even more evident.After all, the air, which he takes from the street, do not come into the room and in the boiler chamber.

increasing heat generator efficiency

boiler does not spend additional energy to heat the cold "outside" air.Its temperature is automatically increased when passing through the pipe, since on the street adjacent to the output hot "exhaust".Therefore, between the two there is a natural flow of heat.This enables the heating system flow temperature greater with lower fuel consumption.

As a result, the gas in the chamber is burned completely, and "remnants" as is the case with another embodiment the air supply and exhaust of the combustion products, the street is not displayed.It is this fact allows us to consider coaxial chimneys devices more environmentally friendly than analogues.

In addition, mutual heat makes it possible not to carry out additional measures for the protection of materials in contact with the chimney in place of its output to the street, from the ignition, as there is a natural drop in temperature of the combustion products.

dramatically reduces the amount of condensate

It is this factor often causes icing tubes in place of its output outside.In the case of a coaxial flue is practically excluded.

simplifies installation and maintenance

flue - gas - to - heat- coaxial Naturally, installation and maintenance of a product much easier.For example, compounds of elements fewer seats, fixing them to the walls of the room.And in terms of cleaning (dust, dirt, stains) "single" design is preferred.

Mounting the chimney of this type allows you to not engage in the installation on the roof of pipes, which greatly simplifies the task."Coaxial" usually appears on the street through the wall structure, rather than through the roofing "cake."

Before considering the question of installing coaxial chimney, you must understand the requirements for its installation.

  • output of exhaust gases through the walls is only applicable for units up to 30 kW.
  • gas pressure to "feed" - to 0.003 MPa.
  • Joints line items do not have to be "in the wall."
  • total length of the chimney - no more than 3 m, although in some cases it is allowed to increase with special "extension".
  • abductor gas pipe must not rise above the ridge span.


Mount Technology Choice gasket seats tracks

When constructing a water heating system the main requirements for the placement of the heat generator, especially if it is a gas appliance.Therefore, plan the installation of the chimney can be only after the layout of the boiler installation location.

Minimum lag of the place of passage through the wall of the openings (windows, doors) -. 0.5 m

To ensure good traction, the first vertical knee should be at least 100 cm It is attached to the outlet nozzle of the boiler by means of a collar..If the features of the gasket line necessitate extension of the knee, in conjunction with other, the total length of the route in this section should not exceed 3 m. More 2-pipe elements is not necessary to install, as it increases the number of connection points, which is undesirable.

coax diagram

is necessary to focus on the design features of the boiler.For models with natural draft than the first above the knee, the better.If the hood is compulsory (built-in fan), the height of the vertical part of the route is not critical.Although there are also recommendations that the entire highway for such boilers should only be horizontal.

«Skip» Wall

hole is done in accordance with the section "coaxial".Thus it is necessary to focus on the wall material.If it's wood, it will need additional thermal insulation (to prevent possible ignition).The same applies to insulation and other layers (depending on the overall structure of the finish).


To the condensate did not go back down the tunnel, part of the highway on the exterior of the building is installed with a slope to the ground.This will ensure that the natural removal of moisture from the chimney.

assembly and sealing

Also clamps that hold all the elements, use various seals.In some cases, on particularly difficult sections of the route, to improve the quality of the sealing of joints can be further processed such places with foam.

Useful tips

To enhance the functioning of coaxial chimney, experts advise to install it so that the vertical elements as small as possible.This significantly simplifies the installation process and reduces the cost of the required additional elements (elbows, reducers).Yes, and the linear length of the vertical structure some more, which also increases the cost of improvement.

When it comes to these products, it is assumed their joint work with gas boilers.This is not entirely true.Coaxial chimneys and mounting expedient in those cases when used as a heat source other devices having the closed type combustion chamber, such as convectors.

You can find a lot of recommendations on independent manufacturing coaxial chimney made of different materials.But does it make sense to do it, when you consider that the sale is a considerable range of such products, the price of which is quite acceptable, and the quality complies with all regulations?

For example, 1 m knee "coax" 80/100 cost from 1 550 rubles.When the total length of the track 3m cost of the set will not exceed 5 900 rubles.

When installing the "coax" industrial production should be guided by the instructions of the manufacturer.Each piece has its own characteristics, such as material.This may be normal or acid-proof "stainless steel", "galvanized".The installation of each type of product there are certain nuances.There are differences in the installation requirements - length of the horizontal section, and the like.In fact, many types of coaxial and chimney can be installed with an inclination (angle).

Before purchasing a coaxial chimney, especially if bought at the same time and the boiler (how to select it, click here), it should be noted especially the heat generator design - diameter outlet, its location on the unit.optimal model of "coax" Only then selected.

DO connection to a chimney coaxial multiple heating units!