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August 12, 2017 18:05

All the pros and cons of infrared heaters to heat your home , especially exploitation

Varieties of devices for heating systems improving all the time.Naturally, each new product is mixed feelings: mistrust, suspicion, doubt whether to use and a lot of others.After all, the various "innovation" and "modernization", we have become so accustomed that largely have come to trust only themselves.

film explain how to construct the infrared heaters, there is no sense - not the subject of the article, although some features of the text and will be marked.It is necessary to specify immediately that it is wrong or that the properties of devices indiscriminately impute the whole group.Much depends on the specific application and on the type of product."IR" manufactured in versions 2 - in the form of panels and films.In addition, they are divided into gas and electric, stationary and portable.Consequently, the same characteristics are different models at different degrees.

dwell mainly on electric as gas supply is not everywhere.And we will lead with respect to the film (PLEN), since they are more co

nvenient and cause the greatest number of questions.On the Internet there are many articles in which he painted the advantages are marked (sometimes passing) deficiencies.It is no secret that much of the material - it's just hidden advertising, and article initiated by interested parties in the sales (as well as "running down" of products - often business competitors hands).Let's try to summarize all that and evaluate the veracity from the point of view of the "man in the street with corrosive engineering education."

What good

small size and ease of installation

With this debate is pointless.Involves primarily the fact that the installation of many heaters associated with a strict adherence to certain requirements.For example, high power boilers need a separate room.It must be, for example, a good extractor, grounding, the adoption of appropriate fire-fighting measures.Who uses the boiler, he knows all the "charms".


infrared heaters do not have any restrictions in terms of installation."Film" can be installed even in the lining that "eyes are not calluses."And no matter where - on the ceiling, walls, niches and so on.In general - which is more convenient to their owners.

To save e / energy can be organized "point" heating.For example, if a country house in the winter home to only 1 - 2 people and at the same time all the rooms are not in use.There are many solutions.

remains to add that for "IR" installation will not have to issue permits and other documents.

Cost of works

Speaking about comparative prices on traditional instruments and "IR", we must note that infrared heaters need a few, and in each room.This increases costs.But do not forget that in the classical heating system, except, for example, a boiler, there are many other things - the pump, accumulator, pipe system with shutoff valves.If you add up all the costs, it turns out a decent amount.Plus - a payment for installation.


Care during operation

Oddly enough, but such a thing as a maintenance infrared heaters - does not exist.Let us remember the list of routine maintenance for boilers.Even if there is another, less complex instrument, is still highway.It is necessary to clean the filters, for example.

In addition, the absence of pipes removes from the agenda of such a "sick" problem, as the periodic leak and its consequences.And the "IR" pipe there - and problems too.

Cost is probably the most touted advantage.Calculation of the fact that the constant increase in tariffs is forcing people to look for ways to minimize the payments.And not to recall school, where talked about the energy conservation law of physics lessons to us.The question immediately arises - how to obtain the same amount of heat, different amounts of electric spent?After the one-room, nothing in it does not change?And energy is not going away, it is transformed and only.Probably, it is necessary here to talk about a few other criteria.


Heating Efficiency

For this indicator, IR-heaters are superior, probably, all analogues.The fact that other heating devices operate on the principle of heating the air, which in turn increases the temperature of the objects.But warm air masses - it is ineffective.In principle other infrared devices - about 90% of the thermal energy they give subjects towards which are directed, and only about 10% goes to heating the surrounding environment.It should be noted that this method provides a more uniform heating of premises as heated walls, floors and ceilings themselves become heat emitters


Such devices consume little energy.But it is necessary to consider how many of them will be installed in the house.A heating system does not provide.Although, considering heat transfer efficiency, they are more economical.


House Warming is largely determined by the location of pipes, the number of radiators.In order to bring the temperature to the desired value, the boiler must be how to "drive.""IR" -obogrevateli much faster cope with the task.

infrared - heating

Do not dry the air

This is particularly distinguished by a variety of heaters, reflector lamps.«IC»-instrument in this regard on the climate will have no effect.


If, for example, mounted on the ceiling, the floor will always be warm.Most expressed the view that the infrared radiation has a positive effect on the human body.But then the final word for physicians.Quiet in the work-as they say, no comment.


First , a significant period of operation.

Second , surges, phase distortions did not withdraw such devices from the system.

The bad

Installation - a stationary

Move optional heater this will not work - it is fixed at the installation site (zaisklyucheniem small floor models).

Minimum services

In contrast to the various types of boilers, such devices have different functions.Only the heating on and off (if the timer or thermostat is installed).

equipment cost is in such a range that point does not make sense.On average PLEN heating 15 m² will cost about 2 500 rubles (at a minimum).


«IR» -obogrevateli really have many advantages over traditional instruments.But we must still consult with experts.The main question - the ratio of "squaring" the room with light and power in the arrangement of "IR" -products.Details about the choice of heaters you can read here.

And yet - no heater does not provide adequate comfort, if not further insulated housing!