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August 12, 2017 18:05

Tips for choosing infrared heater - important nuances and characteristics

IR The relatively high cost of these devices is the reason that they are used in the administrative, industrial and other premises, and in the private sector is not yet widely available.However, their benefits are so obvious that more and more owners prefer to set precisely infrared heaters.To determine the best choice, first of all, you need to understand with what models are selling and what are their differences.

design radiating element

Such heating elements or as a heater coil is gradually fading into the past, but nonetheless, devices with them can still be found in retail outlets.They are characterized by two major disadvantages - a fire hazard and a strong air dehumidification.Products such emitters are literally "burn" oxygen.Therefore, their use is not recommended in a residential area.In addition, they need constant "Baby", which is not always convenient.

If you want to organize, such as temporary heating the garage, it is possible to put a reflector, but leave it switched on and aft
er the departure of the owner is not necessary.

In most models, the role played by quartz tube emitters.They have a higher efficiency, and security to them significant complaints.But they also have certain disadvantages.


First , «demands» to clean the surrounding air.As the tube is heated to 650 - 700 0 C, in the immediate vicinity of all the dust is combusted.Hence, the odor in the room will be present.

Second , some restrictions on placement of such models - install them "anywhere" will not work.It's all in a powerful stream of heat that emanates from the tube.Therefore it is necessary to properly combine the power of the device to the place of its fastening.As a rule, they are mounted on the ceiling, thus providing a good warm floors.

quartz Third , such emitters are "not like" sharp changes in temperature and humidity.

Another type of transducer 1 - plate.Is a profile in aluminum, inside which the heater (heating element) is placed.These models are the best, because it absolutely does not affect the level of humidity in the room.While some noted the lack of them - a slight "crackle" in the process.But it is - a subjective opinion, because many people, even like, for example, a light crackling of burning wood in the fireplace.In more detail the pros and cons of infrared heaters discussed in this article.

Experts recommend paying attention to the protective layer of the plate (anodized).If it is thinner than 15 m, the lifetime of the product - is small.Check this parameter measurement method is unrealistic.But to determine about the reliability of such a coating can be - when you first turn the unit on a quality plate emerges "spider", which is clearly visible.

This type of radiators, as halogen lamps, do not use in residential buildings, as they are far from harmless.

device power

For any heating device is calculated from the ratio of 10 kW per 100 m2 of heated space (at normal room height).Thus it is necessary to take into account the need for some of its stock, as none of the product will not be able to operate long and steadily at maximum capacity.That is why is considered optimal loading of about 70%.Then, the calculated value should be increased by at least 1/3.It should take into account the quality of the insulation of buildings, the presence of drafts.So an increase of 30% - only approximate data.

If you want to heat a specific place in the room (working, relaxation area), then this local "heating", you can choose the model of the infrared heater a small capacity - within the 0.3 - 0.5 kW.

infrared heaters , UFO

type "fuel»

Industry produces electric and gas "IR" -obogrevateli.The latter have a considerable capacity (not less than 1.5 kW), so their use in small rooms, especially in urban apartments, not practical.And in terms of the type of energy electrical appliances preferable, as in any residential structure is bound to have power, otherwise it can not be considered as such.But with gas often have difficulty - or is not brought "string" line, or difficulties with refueling tanks.

When choosing imported model is necessary to pay attention to the network settings to which it can be connected.Not all of them are designed to "our" 220/50, so the power declared by the manufacturer can not provide.

infrared heater


Serious Manufacturers paint it only from the outside, as "internal" process does not make sense.If the product is painted, and inside, there is no guarantee that in the future the user does not expect any "surprises".For example, low-quality, cheaper metal, hidden under a layer of paint.

should also focus on PLEN (film heaters).Their main advantage is that they can be installed under any surface exterior finish.In this respect, they are versatile and very convenient especially for living rooms.


This determines the location of the device - the surface on which it is more convenient to install (wall, ceiling, floor).There are also so-called "baseboard" options which can be placed without restrictions.


infrared from its quality depends on the efficiency of infrared heater.Its minimum thickness - 120 microns.If the foil layer is less than this value, the device will emit heat not only "forward" and "back".In other words, instead of having to heat the floor surface (when placing the top), it will be partially warming and ceiling.

how it should be, but in fact, in order to save some manufacturers deliberately understate this option.Check the thickness of the snap.For example, a little poke of a ballpoint pen refill.Qualitative layer to spring back, and too small to remain a small dent.If the goods are good, the seller will not interfere with this test product as no harm will not bring it.


different materials are used in this capacity.But whether they are harmless?It is advisable to consult the certificate for the product, especially if in the family there are people who suffer from allergies, asthma and some other diseases.Naturally, as an insulator, for example, asbestos poorly suitable for the instrument used in the dwelling.

Additional elements

For devices designed for floor placement, in the first place - a rollover sensor.In this scenario, the email / open circuit, and the device is switched off.In addition, the presence of the thermostat, remote control and other "services".



In addition, it should be firm, you need to pay attention to the label.It should be clear labels with all necessary information, including the barcode.Bad font blur, matte paper (must be a gloss) - a sure sign of low-grade product.

HHX 07 most well-known manufacturers, presented in our market - «Ballu», «Neoclima», «Sinbo», «Polaris».The cost of these instruments, given the huge range of products, lies in the large range.For example, the model «Ballu» 0.8 kW (electric) will cost 2150 rubles.Gas appliances of the same brand of 12 kW is about 30 000 rubles.

Practical advice

After reviewing all the "pros" and "cons", "IR" -obogrevateley, you need to take into account the specifics of their further exploitation:

  • with what intensity "IR" -obogrevatel be used, and a number of other features of the application.
  • method of installation (open or concealed installation, under the lining);
  • the most convenient place for placing the product;
  • dimensions of space;
  • in which indoor unit is installed (residential or subsidiary).For rooms with excessive humidity need to buy a model with a body made of "stainless steel", because it is not subject to corrosion;

should immediately clarify the possibility of acquiring the radiator, if there is a need to be replaced.By the way, it is important, and how much it costs for a given heater model.

order not to "bump" on a company-by-night, you need to ask is whether your own website Manufacturer.Going into it, you can find all the information, including, and the official representative in the region.

Practice shows that the instruments of Russian producers in no way inferior to import samples, although there are much cheaper.For the most part we pay for fame, "untwisted" brand, not the product itself.